My picks for 2008 are-

Republican- Mitt Romney

(And if I voted democratic, which I will not. But if I did-)

Democrat- Obama

First off, why Romney..??

I made my decision early last week, before Governor Romney delivered his speech on faith and politics. So when I heard Romney’s speech, which by the way was a homerun and one of the BEST speeches I have heard from this group of contenders, that sealed the deal with me.

I picked Romney because-

-I feel America could be in trouble if we do not cut spending. I believe we need someone who has MORE experience then just being in the senate, or running a state. We need someone who has done that and also has made a payroll. Who has had a hand in a major, multi-million dollar business and has been successful at it. (Staples Office Centers)

-I believe Romney understands the threat of terrorism. However, he may not take the “cowboy” approach that might help cool things down a bit.

-I like his stand on most issues. (Too many issues to name each one here.) I believe the guy when he speaks. (Which is not easy to say with politicians today.) Actually, I am going to try and score an interview with Mitt Romney and ask him a few questions that I haven’t heard him answer yet. I would place that interview here. (However, he is kind of busy at the moment and might not have the time.)

Why didn’t I pick-

Rudy Giuliani- Rudy has too much baggage. More “bad stuff” seems to come out each week. There was a time when I thought Rudy was the one to beat Hillary Clinton, but even Hillary is fading. Rudy cannot win against Obama. Many people, who have worked with Rudy in New York City, do not speak highly of him. This would crush his presidential win as some of these people from Rudy’s past begin to speak publicly.

Mike Huckabee- This is tough. He is a hell of a nice guy. He has a great sense of humor. I really like the guy. But I agree with the democrats on this one- Huckabee has a glass jaw. There is stuff from his past that can defeat his bid. Huckabee should run for VP.

John McCain- This is the toughest of all. This guy has given so much to this country. Not only his service in the military, but an entire life as a political servant. If anyone deserves to be president, it is McCain. But he cannot win. Not as a republican. McCain should split from the Republican Party and run as an independent.

Duncan Hunter- He is a super guy. I like him. But I just do not see him beating the top democrats. He would make a great VP.

Fred Thompson- Too little, too Late

Alan Keys-????

Tom Tancredo- He is the guy to get tough on the border and illegal immigration. (Along with Duncan Hunter) But he cannot win the election. He would be a great VP. “The second in command, with the border at hand.”

Ron Paul- Paul is not a republican. He is a libertarian. But any libertarian who has run for office in modern times only receives about 4- 5% of the vote. So, I understand why he is running as a republican. He is the republican’s- “buzz” candidate. He makes news and creates excitement. But he will never win the republican nod and any effort in his campaign is futile. Ron Paul should split from the republicans and run as he really is- a libertarian.


Why did I pick Obama..??

As you know, I care deeply about this country. I do NOT want to see a democrat elected in 2008. Raising taxes is a stupid idea. More social programs?? We can’t pay for the ones we already have..!! But, if a democrat happens to win this election, Obama is the person I would prefer and here is why-

-We have lived under the rule of a Clinton or a Bush for way to long. (20 years of having a Bush, or a Clinton president.) It is time for a change. Hell, there are college kids who have never seen another family in the White House. People are running around with “Bush”, or “Clinton” bumper stickers on their cars that are 10 years old. Get those freaking things off your car..!!

-Obama stands to be the first Black president. Children- 100 years from now will learn about the first Black president, when names like “Clinton” and “Bush” become the “lost” presidents that you tend to forget. I feel that Obama will always have this on his mind. Leaving a legacy will become very important to Obama.

“Who would want to be the first Black President and get caught in some kind of scandal..??”

I believe that would always be on Obama’s mind and he could become one of the most sincere Presidents we have had in a while. Even though Obama is a democrat, he may try to be a “people pleaser” and not FORCE (too many) social programs down our throats.

-Obama’s policies..?? I hate all of them. I do not care for anything Obama is proposing. But, if I would have to live under a democratic regime, it should be Obama.

Why didn’t I pick-

Hillary Clinton- Pleeaase… She hasn’t even walked into the White House and she is already waste deep in scandals.

John Edwards, (and the rest of the democrats)- Never going to happen. Run for VP.


This all hinges on the fact that nothing BIG happens from now until the election. If it were to be found out that Mitt Romney was caught with a group of lesbian hookers, that would change my vote. Not that there is anything wrong with lesbian hookers. I am sure they are very hard working people. (They would have to be.)

(Also note)

This post is the last time I will speak highly of Obama. I want all of you democrats to vote for Hillary Clinton because I believe that a republican can beat her.

(also, also, note, note)

No, I am not being paid by the Romney/ Obama camps. These are my legitimate picks.

I have several polls set up so that you can vote on who you would elect. Also, you can see who my readers are picking.

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