This story is just cracking me up…

First we had a story about democrats “planting” questions during their debate.

Today, we find out democrats are now planting questions during the republican debates.

Do you folks remember when all of the democrats refused to take part in a debate on Fox News? Democrats claimed that Fox was too biased and the democrats might not be treated fairly.

So democrats chickened out of the Fox News debates, telling their voters that Fox couldn’t be trusted.

We now find out that CNN put a blindfold on and allowed democratic operatives to quiz the republicans- (under the guise of being “moderate, undecided voters.)

I am kind of glad this came out because I have been telling people to “watch for what the democrats accuse republicans of.”

Many, many times you will find that democrats are doing the nasty things they claim republicans are doing.

I felt that the republicans handled the tough questions posed by the liberal “You Tubers.” Questions that no democrat will have to answer.

I have an in-depth post on this topic, if you are interested.

You can find that post here.

Speaking of tough questions…

Did you see the way Katie Couric took after Rudy Giuliani..?? Man.. Oh.. Man.

Ms. Couric never went after Hillary Clinton like that. Katie had Hillary on her show just recently and it was all “softball” powder puff questions.

Conservatives are always held to a higher standard.

Katie goes batt- sh*t during the Nightly Snooze.