The French courts have thrown out a case against Donald Rumsfeld (in that) Rumsfeld knowing gave orders that allowed torture to take place in US military prisons.

Why was the case against Rumsfeld thrown out of French courts..??

If you ask the left, they will claim it is a “grand conspiracy” because “Team Bush” has so much WORLD power, (Skull and Bones type stuff) and the new French President is in love with President Bush.

However, if you want the truth- it is very simple.

No government wants it’s leaders hauled into a foreign government’s court on weak charges. So in turn, they do not want to try an American.

Every world leader has had to make some decision that could be called “criminal” by some group- somewhere in the world. If we went down this road, you would have foreign dignitaries being hauled into foreign courts every other day.

No one wants this to happen, so many of these cases will be dropped, one by one. (I believe there is a charge pending in a German court on Rumsfeld.)

President Bush and company didn’t create the act of “rendition”, this technique of using foreign countries to perform “coercive interrogation” was also used by President Clinton, and many other government have used it. In fact, many countries around the world have used some form of “coercive interrogation” on certain prisoners.

Unfortunately for the Bush haters, this charge of American torture was destined to fail. The CIA knows of too many acts that were committed by well known foreign countries that would have to come to light, if a charge was seriously leveled at an American dignitary. So the charge was doomed to fail from the beginning.

All serious charges of torture by the US military have been investigated and those involved are being punished. Congress had an opportunity, before the 2006 election, to classify “waterboarding” as torture. They didn’t have the votes to do so. Even being legal, the American government has only used the technique on three occasions.

Because of inaction. Because of lack of evidence. Many of these “evil Bush- war criminal” claims will be laid to rest and forgotten.

So I’m trying to think of what the Bush hating- conspiracy people will do if a democrat wins the White House? Will they still report stories on how evil President Bush is when he is out of office?

Some might try.

But they will find that people are no longer interested. These left leaning conspiracy sites will have to move on to a different topic, others will disappear because they are unable to be constructive in criticism of a democratic president. Some will go back to playing video games instead of political blogging because they feel “a democrat is in the White House, so all is right with the world.” They will tune out of politics.

I remember the final year of President George H Bush (41); the news was filled with stories of- “9 million homeless people suffering during Christmas.” (We later found out that there never was 9 million homeless people in America. The figure was closer to 500,000 homeless and many of those people had relatives or homeless shelters that they could have gone to.) During the last year of President Bush 41, we were told that “AIDS was going to kill us all.” (We now know that the AIDS figures were highly exaggerated.) We were also told that the economy was in the toilet. All Americans were in trouble and a recession was around the corner.

But magically, the minute Bill Clinton moved into the White House, all these stories disappeared. The Clinton’s hadn’t even moved in new furniture, let alone enact any policy change, but the homeless people in America went away. AIDS was no longer going to “kill us all.” And the economy was OK. All this and Mr. Clinton hadn’t done a thing.

So I imagine news will be reported in 2008, just like it was in 1991. “Doom and Gloom” will prevail until (if) a democrat walks into the White House. Instead of homeless Americans, it will be homeless Iraqi’s returning home to nothing. Because the evil Americans blew up their homes.

Instead of AIDS, it will be “global warming” that will kill us all.

Isn’t it kind of sad how predicable the news media has become?

In 2008, expect wild stories like- “Fireplaces are being banned because they cause global warming..”

Or, how about the fact that having children is “selfish” because children grow up and need things like food and water. Children are therefore- killing the planet.

Stories about people who choose not to have children because children will be evil consumers and polluter’s.

Boy, that has got to make a young child feel good..!!

And of course, minions will disperse dozens of stories telling you how bad the economy is. Hell, I do not even need to give you a link for that. Just click on any major national news site today and you will find some story about- “Shoppers hit the retail stores, despite the gloomy economy..” They act surprised that Americans are buying “stuff”??

Hell, Americans love “stuff.” We buy “stuff” all the time.

Yes, if 1991 is any indication of a preview of 2008, followers of news are in for a gloomy ride.

I am waiting for the headline, to come any day now-

San Francisco has passed a law making it illegal to smile until after the 2008 election.

(Smiling may cause people to THINK that you are happy. And no one should legally be happy today.)

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican

Let me treat you to one such “liberal” comment on the topic of Rumsfeld-

Blogger named Wall3883

“…It is easy to compel the French to surrender when Donny Baby Rumsfeld has over a hundred million in Euros and a boot-lick with an envelope to deliver to the prosecutor under the table…”

“…We need to take these fascists down. Congress has an approval rating from the electorate of 11% because they won’t do their duty and prosecute these baby killing, war profiteering, torturing, war criminals…”

Baby killing..??

God, I’m having a flash back to the 1960’s..

But this is a typical response and follows the liberal formula.

First, no facts to back up a conspiracy- Donald Rumsfeld giving the French 100 million in Euros. Then you toss in the phrase- “Baby killers..”

Hey, it worked for the liberals in the 1960’s..!!