“Watch what people are cynical about, and one can often discover what they lack.” — George S. Patton

Hollywood is one of the only businesses that gives itself awards. (Not just one award, but many awards.) And Hollywood also explains that YOU- the consumer, is to blame when movies bomb.

When trying to explain why every single Hollywood movie about the Iraq War has bombed, Hollywood analysts blame YOU-

“…The wave of recent films set against the backdrop of war in Iraq and post-9/11 security has failed to win over film-goers keen to escape grim news headlines when they go to the movies, analysts say…”

I, me.. The Angry Republican- I am the reason that all of the “Left leaning” Iraqi war movies have failed because- (and this is important) I want to escape the headlines of the war. I want to escape the war. So that is why I am not attending a current Hollywood war movie.

Hollywood has solved the mystery.

They believe that they cannot release a war movie when a war is going on because people want to escape the headlines.

This is completely wrong and Hollywood should know better.

One of the best war movies of all time was released during the Vietnam War.

One of America’s most unpopular wars, while hippies were protesting in the streets and pseudo intellectuals were calling American soldiers “baby killers” and spitting on them. This war movie was packing the theaters.

This little movie was called “Patton” and it was released during the Vietnam War.

Why did the movie “Patton” succeed, when so many modern Iraq War movies are failing? Is it because Patton was a “feel good”, sappy- “America is good”- type movie?

Hell no..

If you take the time watch the movie, you will find that there was nothing to “feel good about” in that opening speech. A modern liberal will have a minor stroke after listening to that speech. When Patton talks about using the enemies guts to grease his tanks, it will make a few conservatives cringe, and think- “Patton didn’t have to say that..”

The movie Patton didn’t hold back any punches. It tackled “head on” the event where General Patton slapped a soldier in the face for having “battle fatigue” and called him a coward. The movie also touched on the subject of Patton’s belief that he was reincarnated from an ancient Roman Soldier. (A topic that could label a person as “nutty.”)

The movie Patton excelled because it was an honest portrayal of a man, including all his failings, with no hidden agenda. The movie wasn’t trying to lecture you into believing that Patton was wrong, or right. Instead it told an important story and let you decide.

Hollywood is missing the “Big Picture.”

All of the recent war movies have a common thread. There is an angle or an agenda. Lurking somewhere in the dialogue of these films is the sub-story that America is wrong. That we over-reacted. There is a big gray area. That we are being misled by the powers that be for oil. Some movies have gone so far as to label the American soldiers as rapists and killers.

These movies flop because they do not portray America. They focus on a few bad people who did terrible things and package it as-

“Well that’s it folks, that’s the Iraq War..”

That is NOT the Iraq War.

Most US Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan believe they are doing good work. Most of us people who supported both wars believe it will make a difference. That is why we re-elected President Bush in 2004. We are not evil, blood thistly villains, who are in bed with the oil industry and we love war. All of us, the war supporters and the soldiers who fight, we are your neighbors, your friends and your relatives. We are not evil. We just do not believe the same things that as you do.

We believe that you must stop Islamic Terrorism because it will get worse if you do nothing.

I am not going to pay a dime to watch a movie about a few bad US soldiers who raped and killed an Iraqi girl. While filming the movie “Redacted”, just down the road from Hollywood, several girls were raped. People were murdered. Is someone going to do a movie about that..??

I am not going to pay to see that.

But I would pay a hundred dollars to see a movie based on Marcus Luttrell’s book- “Lone Survivor.”

However, a true story of patriotism is too much for Hollywood right now. They have decided to stick with “agenda driven” movies that never turn a profit in the US.

So be it. But Hollywood is missing the big picture.

Soon these aging hippies will gracefully retire from the throne of the Hollywood studios. Having lost more money than any other generation of Hollywood executives and watching their films become forgotten in time.

“Patton” is the movie that laughs in the face of the liberal bosses in Hollywood. While they try and blame Americans for bad box office returns, Patton reminds the studio executives that- “Yes you can release a war movie while a war is going on..” But it has to be a good movie..!!

Before I end this editorial, let’s take a look at a typical Hollywood liberal and analyze what he is saying.

Veteran television producer Steven Bochco, whose 2005 television series “Over There” about a platoon of soldiers fighting in Iraq, ended after just one season.

Mr. Bochco says:

“…Iraq films remain a difficult sell for audiences because of the swirl of confusion surrounding the rights and wrongs of the conflict..””.. I don’t know if you can do a serious drama about this war and locate any angle that would overcome the negativity about it..”

Mr. Bochco is confused about the Iraq War and doesn’t see a right and a wrong. He is blinded by a gray area.

Let me try and help..

The US soldier is a good guy because he is my brother, my son,my daughter, my neighbor. He is fighting for all of us. The US soldier is good.

The guy that is shooting at the US soldier is the bad guy. He is the enemy. He is bad because he is trying to kill our sisters, our sons and our neighbors.

It is as simple as that Mr. Bochco. There is no gray area.

Steven Bochco continues-

“…WW2 was hugely romanticized in terms of its fiction. (fiction??) There were unambiguous villains, and the feeling we were fighting the right people over the right issues, as opposed to this war, which many people feel is misguided…”

Again, Mr. Bochco is confused because he doesn’t know who is “good” and who is “bad.”

Let’s try again- The nut-job Islamic terrorist who wants to kill you is a bad guy. The US citizen who joined the military, grabbed a gun, and chased after the nut-job Islamic terrorist is a good guy. (It isn’t that hard to understand if you open your mind.)

Look at what is happening. I blind man could see it.

Liberals are not showing up to see these movies. And conservatives are staying away.

“Rendition” starring Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal (story-liberal agenda) CIA’s policy of outsourcing interrogation of terror suspects (America-the evil torturers) BOXOFFICE- less than 10 million dollars, a disastrous return.

“In the Valley of Elah,” (film by) Oscar-winning director Paul Haggis’s (story- liberal agenda) about a father investigating the death of his son in Iraq, troubles getting information from the evil US government. BOXOFFICE- less than seven million dollars.

“The Kingdom,” starring Jamie Foxx (story- liberal agenda)- Evil America meddling in the Middle East. BOXOFFICE- Lost 23 million dollars at the box office.

Due for release this month-

Robert Redford’s drama “Lions for Lambs” and Brian De Palma’s “Redacted.” Both are showing signs of following in the footsteps of the other liberal Iraq War movies.

This is the sad-shame of it all…

Hollywood, an American Icon. Is now making movies aimed at the rest of the world. In a sense, Hollywood has “out- sourced” their audiences. We the people, who built Hollywood with our dollars, no longer matter to them because they will sell tickets in the Middle East.

Hollywood is missing the big picture.

And because of that,

I am missing (a) “Big Picture.”

And because millions of us Americans are staying away:

Hollywood is missing the “$$BIG$$ Picture.”

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican