Every DOG has his day

There has been a rash of kids turning their parents in for “something.” I have read stories in which kids are turning in their parents to the police for drinking and driving cars. The police catch up later and arrest the parent for DUI.

Alex Baldwin’s daughter, (or ex wife) released an audio tape of Baldwin screaming at his daughter over the phone.

And Television bounty hunter Duane “Dog” Chapman’s son sold an audio tape of his dad ranting about his son’s Black girlfriend. In the phone conversation, Dog says some really racists things.

How do you feel about kids ratting out their parents to the police or to the press..??

Some of us here at The Angry Republican feel a little “uneasy” about this situation. As in- “how much power are we giving kids?” Who is in charge..??

I can understand kids turning in the drunk parents who are driving cars. This activity is dangerous and could kill someone. If the child has tried to talk to the parent, but they continue to drink and drive. If the child has talked to an uncle or an aunt and received no help, then I would agree that the police needed to be called.

But what about the angry child who was told he cannot go to a friend’s party and in a fit of angry or revenge- the child turns his dad in for drinking two beers and driving home? Two beers could be enough to bring on a DUI conviction and cause the parent to loose his driver’s license. Which could cause the parent to loose their job. All because of one angry child who couldn’t go to a friend’s party.

I am very uneasy about private phone conversations being sold to the media. You could argue that what was said on these phone conversations was disgusting and racist. I cannot, nor would I try to debate that. What “Dog” said is racist. What Alex Baldwin said to his daughter was terrible.

However, the act of recording a private conversation and playing it on national TV really feels like betrayal. “Does the punishment fit the crime..??”

What do you think..?? (You can take our poll and / or comment below)

Do you like this new trend of kids turning their parents in?


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The Angry Poll Question
Do you like this new trend of kids turning their parents in?

Yes, parents should be careful of what they say or do.
NO, children should respect parents and find another way.
Yes to the DUI, but no taping of private conversations.
The parent said it and we should know, I do not like the selling of the tape for cash.

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Written by Babonie for The Angry Republican

I get tired of hearing democrats complain that they cannot get anything done. You will hear liberals say that the reason that their bills (S Chip, Dream Act, End the War) will not pass is because republicans will not vote with the democrats and pass the bills. Democrats argue that President Bush will veto the bills and they cannot get enough votes to override the veto.

With all that said, republicans: who hold a minority in congress, seem to be able to get the votes to confirm Michael B. Mukasey as attorney general. How can that be? Could it be the fact that republicans try harder to convince democratic senators like Dianne Feinstein and Charles Schumer that Michael B. Mukasey would make a fine attorney general?

You will not get that answer from the left. Instead they will claim that republicans never bend on an issue. That republicans are not willing to compromise. This would be incorrect. Rep. Ric Keller (R-Fla.) said this about the democratic tactics on the vote for S Chip:

“They (the democrats) spent $1.5 million through their various shill outreach groups attacking me and a handful of my colleagues,” Rep. Ric Keller (R-Fla.) said before the Hoyer meeting, “but they did not spend five minutes to approach me to ask for my vote.”

(Read the article)

This is a fine example of how democrats use the media to try and say republicans “hate children”, instead of talking with republicans to find a compromise. Rep. Ric Keller had actually been interested in many aspects of S Chip, but was never given the opportunity to discuss the issue with key democrats.

Here in lies the problem. Democrats do not seem to want to work together to get things done with S Chip, or the War in Iraq, or anything. Key democrats flatly turned down President Bush’s first choice for attorney general, so Bush picked Michael B. Mukasey as a second choice. Republicans spent the better part of this week trying to convince democrats in the senate on this nominee and it seems to have worked.

Who is doing the hard work and who is not?

If you want to kid yourself and pretend that President Bush has some secret power or financial wealth to make “anything happen”, like another grand conspiracy. Feel free to think that. However George Bush; who has less money than the Clinton’s, or John Kerry, or Sen. Edwards and has a very low approval rating, does not have that kind of power.

What you actually have are republicans who are willing to stick to their goals and do the legwork to convince democrats to vote with them.

You have democrats who have changed their minds on many key issues and they are not willing to do the hard work of convincing republicans that their liberal goals are justified.

Will democrats realize they have a problem?

If you cannot see that, here is another glass of Kool-Aid. It is extra sweet, enjoy.

Written by J. Tarmack for The Angry Republican

Where, Oh where can we send Dan Rather..??

How about up to Canada to have a look around?

Will Dan come back with stories on the evil conservative movement up north?


Actually he has horrible stories on liberal programs that did not work in Canada. (Needles for drug addicts, high tolerance for vagrancy, etc..)

Liberals: “Rather” be in Canada (Ring Wing News guest blogger)

The “crotch shot” that is getting people fired and sued.

You know, I’m not really sure why tennis star Maria Sharapova is sitting this way..?? It doesn’t seem very comfortable.

But that is beside the point…

A top executive of an advertising agency was fired because, (he feels) that his boss was seeking revenge because he told people that his boss- the CEO of this agency- likes to photograph “famous female crotches.”


Now there is a huge lawsuit. This is the “crotch shot” that destroyed human lives.

This demonstrates the power of the female, over stupid men.

You can read all about this story here-

“Famous female crotches” that destroyed men

Liberalism in a giant funk

With Dianne Feinstein and Charles Schumer claiming they will vote for Michael B. Mukasey for attorney general, many liberals are in a bad way. Some seem suicidal.

Lights, camera, action- let’s start the drama.

Here are a couple of Liberal comments,

“…I say we take the lessons we’ve learned from the recent tragedy in California and apply it to D.C.
Controlled Burn.
Let Washington lie fallow for awhile…”

“..Two faced, meely mouthed, COWARDS! I have had it. I live in California, and for this shameful spineless act I will never – under any circumstances – vote for Feinstien again!..”

There are thousands of angry liberal comments to this article.

Some are still blaming Rove. (He has been gone for a while..????)

You can read them here..

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