I was over at YouTube and noticed a trend. Young people are using sex to sell music videos.

There have always been professional bands that use sexy girls in their music videos, to help sell the song to the masses. So amateurs using this tool shouldn’t surprise me.

But I am surprised…

“Garage bands” and “Basement Rockers” are placing their videos on YouTube and using sex to sell the video. (Getting you to “click” on the video.)

I will give you one example-

You will see a “tag” of a video on a YouTube page. The “still” picture on that “tag” will be a sexy girl, (usually in a bathing suit.) The headline will read- “..Sexy girl dances to music- REALLY FREAKING HOT!!!!!..”


This video has like ONE MILLION HITS, so you click on it. (Just to see what it is all about, not because you are some kind of pervert- insert smiley face here.)

So you click on the video, (just like one million other dumb guys did,) and there is NO sexy girl dancing. Instead, there is a “basement rock band” and they are belting out an original tune. Painted on one of the basement walls is some kind of “Band Logo.” I’m not sure what the hell it is supposed to be..?? But I’m sure that the guys in the band are proud of it.

Hey, I’m all for capitalism. This band found out that when they placed their music video on YouTube, with no tricks, they probably only got a couple hundred views. However, when they “tricked” people into watching it, the people rolled in to see it.

But do people like to be “tricked”..??

I realize that YouTube has a collection of people who specialize in tricking or punking people into watching videos. But if you are seriously trying to promote a music video, should you trick people? I just watched the video 10 minutes ago and I can’t even remember the name of the song.

I guess the bigger statement is, bordering on the lines of capitalism, “give the people what they want.” This band didn’t have one “chick”, that they knew of, who was willing to dance sexy, so that the video wasn’t a trick. If this band couldn’t find one sexy chick to dance in their video, then they do not have a following, and therefore, they are not ready for the “big time.”


But this story does prove that sex sells. (Even young kids learn that.)

Sex doesn’t seem to sell politics.


Could you honestly tell me that these two frontrunners are sexy..??

Hillary and Rudy

Anyone even remotely attractive, in this race, is not doing as well as the others.

So at least right now, we do not have sexy chicks with large breasts selling politics.

However, we do have the trickery…

A democratic memo that circulated the hill this week stated that- “..Our message sounds like an audit report on defense logistics… …Democrats are losing the battle for voters’ hearts because the party’s message lacks emotional appeal..”

The democratic memo is basically saying that democrats are not naming their bills correctly. “If we give the “bills” a nice- sweatpuppy dog name, we will win.

Instead of calling a bill “S Chip.” Let’s call it “The Healthy Kids Bill..”

This is trickery..

Republicans didn’t vote down S Chip because of the name. We voted it down because families who make $80,000 per year should NOT get tax dollars to care for their kids. That figure is too dam high.

Democrats have tipped their hand with this one. We know that they will launch into the 2008 election claiming that republicans hate children.

Well, at least they haven’t resorted to the tactics like our “garage rock band” on YouTube.

Democrats are not yet flashing female breasts in their TV commercials while claiming- “Vote for democrats because we care for the children..”


Iowa man is recovering after being shot by his dog.

It was the opening day of pheasant season and everything should have been “peachy.” What could be better..?? Guns, beer, and farm raised birds being released from boxes.

Just then, mans best friend decided to “pepper” his master with “buckshot.”



Scientists find the oldest living animal on earth– a clam. And they slice it up and kill it.

The “now dead” clam was the oldest creature on earth. Probably 407 years old. Scientists cut the clam open to count its growth rings. This caused the clam to take a permanent dirt nap.

How old are you, I must kill you…



A Kos for alarm

Left wing site- “The Daily Kos” is a little worried that republicans are winning.

Kos talks about his concern of the leadership of Nancy Pelosi in a tasteful way. He calls this post-

“Bring the B***H down.”

(Remember, democrats eat their own. Need I say Liberman.)

Kos writes this in his diary-

“..Much as it pains me to come to that conclusion, but they are kicking our asses! We are right on every single issue. We fully represent the views of the vast majority of the American people. And yet we are accomplishing NOTHING in Congress.

It is time for a change!..”

A Kos for alarm




Democratic presidential candidates are challenging each other and focusing on Hillary. To outwit these attacks, Hillary Clinton is running against President Bush. (Bush isn’t running for president.)

Will this technique work..??





Hamas thanks Richard Gere for his help with their cause.

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