What could be more “spooky” then having a UFO land on your front lawn and dump it’s portable toilets..??

Waste Management does not handle “Alien Droppings.”

And Haz Mat could take weeks to remove the UFO excrement.

But that is what one presidential candidate claims happened to him.

Dennis Kucinich believes he saw a UFO.

Dennis, pictured here with one of the “Aliens,”

Believes that he was drawn to a balcony by the smell of “roses.” When Mr. Kucinich looked out the door, he saw what was described as a “…gigantic triangular craft, silent, and observing him. It hovered, soundless, for ten minutes or so, and sped away with a speed he couldn’t comprehend. He said he felt a connection in his heart and heard directions in his mind…”

Dennis Kucinich then went on into political leadership in Ohio, and Cleveland lost its bid for the World Series.

This whole story was reported by actress Shirley MacLaine who also convinced Kucinich to visit a New Mexico spiritual adviser named Chris Griscom, whom helped Shirley MacLaine communicate with trees.

I talked to a tree once. I was on my knees, leaning against the tree. I told the tree– “I will never drink Vodka again.” The tree never spoke back to me. I think that is important to convey.

Dennis Kucinich should not feel alone. Other prominent political figures have also witnessed a UFO sighting.

President Jimmy Carter also believes he saw a UFO.

Some people believe that President Bush is a space alien.

How could one man blow up the World Trade Towers, cause all of the democrats to fail on passing the “Dream Act” and SChip. How could one human be able to control a secret army called Blackwater, and rule all of the large corporations in the world, but yet, this human cannot grasp the English Language..??

How can this be..??


Bush isn’t human. He is an alien.

Sen. Obama has seen the “fires of Hell” since he has decided to run for president against the Clinton’s.

(Obama thinks he can beat back the Hell fires.)

Hillary Clinton has not said that she has seen a UFO or been to Hell, however, she has lived with a “beast” for many years.

This beastly predator has preyed upon young female victims for many years.

Could this all be true..??

Could we be living with aliens and beasts on planet earth..??

If science is correct, we- the human race, might just evolve into aliens and beasts.

Some scientists now believe that humans will spilt into 2 different types.

There will be tall humans that- because of breeding and plastic surgery, will be beautiful people who rule the companies, countries, and the world.

I am using the words of this scientific study, which you can read here..

“…Men will have symmetrical facial features, deeper voices and bigger penises, according to Curry in a report commissioned for men’s satellite TV channel Bravo. Women will all have glossy hair, smooth hairless skin, large eyes and pert breasts, according to Curry…”

Perty Breasts??

Life is NOT so good for the other types of humans in the future. These people will be like little trolls. Little, ugly people with small penises and small breasts.

These troll like people will do all the hard work. They will sweat and smell really bad.

At least, that is what some scientists are saying the future will hold.

If I believe many of the “left wing” blog sites- since they claim republicans rule all the companies and have special power over all world governments. (Being that President Bush and the evil Dick Cheney can make other countries do things.) I would have to say that conservatives will be the beautiful people with perky breast and “larger appendages.”

If I also believe the “left wing” blog sites- it would be the liberals and progressives who will become the “troll like people” who suffer and sweat and smell really bad.

Folks, even science proves that you should be conservative.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican

When the wild fires raged in California, what did the liberal community in California ask for? They asked for military machines and military manpower to help fight the blaze. Did the liberals blame San Francisco for halting military recruiters from giving speeches in California schools and colleges? Speeches that might have helped raise awareness of the military and its needs? Did liberals, caught in the blaze of forest fires, blame California’s contemptuousness for military activity in California’s Bays? No, instead they blame a war in which many liberal politicians voted for in the first place.

Even as stories of arson were coming from the fire lines, many liberals began to blame “global warming” as the reason for this fire. Forget the fact that forest fires have plagued this country from the beginning, this current forest fire “IS Proof- of global warming.” Some liberals even made fun of a Fox News story that “terrorism” could be to blame for this fire. That a 2003 report from a captured al Qaeda member stated that terrorism could pertain to burning forest near prime real estate. Liberals still pointed the finger at “global warming,” even while authorities captured and are holding a person for starting one of the fires.

Liberals held on to the belief that Global warming caused this fire, like ancient man believing that the Sun God would be angry if he didn’t throw salt over his left shoulder.

So you would think that after a natural disaster like these California wild fires, liberals would be searching for scientific ways to end it. Ways to stop this from ever happening again. You would be wrong. Instead, liberals are happy to allow the “far left” claim that you cannot clear brush and dead wood from the forest.

Where are the liberals who want to save the forest? (Saving it so that it doesn’t burn down again.) Liberals believe that you must leave the brush and dead timber on the forest floor so that the moles and squirrels have a place to play. However, during a forest fire, the moles and the squirrel fry up like a chicken in the oven at Britney Spears house.

Liberals truly believe the way to stop forest fires is to drive your car less and keep your house lights turned off.

But we have known for many years that the way to manage a forest is to allow limited old growth removal and let property owners clear brush away from their homes.

Try telling that to a liberal.

Written by J. Tarmack for The Angry Republican

I gave birth to Britney Spears. Let me teach you how to create a “baby Spears.”

“Pop Culture Mom: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World”

Lynne Spears is planning to write a book about parenting..??

OK, this is really bizarre. Mamma Spears, who did such a “great” job raising little baby Britney Spears, is writing a book to show America how you can raise a “Britney Spears.”

Let me guess what the formula is…

Drink two gallons of Vodka, mixed with one bottle of anti-depression pills. Then you force your twelve-year-old daughter to sing and shake her booty in front of family and friends.

Repeat this formula for 5 years- and you too, can have a Britney Spears.

Read the story-

How I raised a drug addicted child who will piss away the millions of dollars that people paid to see her sing.



Do you believe we are running out of fresh water?

This AP News story believes that we are.

Water, water- everywhere..??

Be informed. Go to NOAA Weather Radio and check yearly rainfall amounts for your area. Are your local levels down? Or was Sept- Oct just low precipitation months this year?

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