The United States has done amazing things in just 200 years.

Why would we take the advice of the liberal elite, and use a system produced by other countries? Some of these other countries have been around for a thousand years, and they still do not have it right.

Can you lead, by following..??

Can you head into the future, while looking backwards..??

The S Chip expansion bill is dead. (For now.)

But that doesn’t stop democrats and their ilk from saying that republicans hate children and want them to get sick and die.

What democrats wanted to do with S Chip is expand it to include families that make $82,000 per year.

Why stop at $82,000..?? Why not just insure all children..?? Every child in America should be insured.

What is more important- Your money, or the children..??

The children are more important.

People should know that they can go out and make babies and you will be there to pay for them.

But why just American children..??

S Chip should also cover ALL children, everywhere.

What is more important? Your stupid money, (you cheap bastard.) Or the poor children?

The children are more important then your stupid money, you idiot..!!

People of the world MUST know that they can have sex and make babies and YOU will be there to pay for these children.

Why stop with just insuring humans..??

Puppies and kitties get sick too…

There is no reason for you to have money. You will just piss it away on something stupid.

Think of the children..!!

Hey, I have a novel idea here..

How about if you have a child, you take care of it..??

Today, in America, we already have “Woman Services”, WIC- (Women, Infants, Children) CHIP, Medicaid, Medicare

The poor of America can find help. It is already there.

Expanding S Chip to cover families that make $82,000 per year was crazy talk. Even if you had to take out the health insurance policy for your children, (assuming you are smart enough to join a group) you are talking about $600- $1,000 a month.

If you make $82,000 per year and you cannot budget $12,000 to insure your children, then you are too stupid to raise those children. You are living too high for your means.

If the S Chip expansion would have passed, why would a person bother to pay for covering their children..?? If you made $80,000 per year and you took your children off of your health insurance, you could save $400 to $600 per month. That could buy you a nice boat or a bigger house. Just let the taxpayers care for your children.

Hence, the slippery slide into socialism. Democrats, playing on your compassion for the children. Then later, counting on your greed. All, to expand government and raise taxes to pay for that government. And that “big government” keeps democrats employed.

Shooting down this S Chip expansion was one of the best things this congress did.

But none of this will stop democrats from saying republicans hate children.

Hey, I love children so much that I do not want to see children raised by stupid people. People who make $82,000 per year and are so self-centered and selfish, that they cannot care for their children.

Written by Babonie for The Angry Republican

Democrats, by default

The blog world is full of people who claim they are independent or progressive. They refuse to call themselves liberal or democrat. But they fill their blogs with anti-republican and negative conservative stories.

They are democrats by default.

If you ask these people why they are supporting the democrats, they claim they are not. They are “progressive.” They are “independent.” But they say they are “certainly are not democratic.” However they will not condemn the current democrats and their ability to get nothing done in congress. Instead, they make excuses for the democrats, like: “The mean republicans are blocking the democrats and Bush is vetoing everything.” How about this, how about democrats proving that their ideas are right? Instead of just saying to congress: “I’m democrat, you should vote for my bill.” Why don’t democrats convince Americans that their bills are righteous.

Since 2004, democrats have offered a change. Americans gave democrats a chance. It has been almost a year and democrats haven’t changed anything. Instead, they fill the airwaves with empty promises.

Now these democrats are asking Americans to vote for Hillary Clinton as president. Hillary will bring change to America, the democrats claim. All the while, reports of Hillary leaking information to The Drudge Report surfaces, pissing off The New York Times and provoking an investigation. Chinese Laundry Services that operate on a shoe string budget, are donating $1,000 each to the “Elect Hillary” fund. A Chinese campaign fundraiser for Hillary Clinton is being dragged off in handcuffs.

Liberals are willing to close their eyes to all of this because it is Hillary’s turn at bat. The 2008 election just might be the first time Americans voted for a president’s genitalia and not for what is in that persons head.

All the while, the “so-called” progressive bloggers continue to cut and paste stories condemning Bush, a man who is not running for president. These progressive bloggers, who claim they are not democratic, are in fact helping to create “President Hillary Clinton.”

A true “progressive” should be telling America what the progressive plan is. They should be promoting a progressive candidate. They should not be opening the door for Hillary Clinton. A person that many progressives do not back or believe in.

They are “democrats by default,” and should be held accountable for their actions.

Written by J. Tarmack for The Angry Republican

After the devastating hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, and the state wasn’t ready for action. The people of Louisiana decide to try a republican for governor.

Louisiana heads for Republican leadership


Is Stephan Colbert really, really running for president..??

Colbert on “Meet the Press” (With video)


Liberals just cannot get over the Rush Limbaugh show?

A “Huffington Post” writer is puzzled by the “fuzz ball” in this editorial.

Read the story about Mean, nasty republicans are mean and nasty.

How can they understand the whole concept, if they do not even use the actual facts..??


Arnold Schwarzenegger believes republican candidates must move to the center. That they are focusing too much on the right.

Arnold, that will come later on. Right now, the candidates must gain conservative votes to win the party nomination.

After that happens, you will see both republicans and democrats moving to the center. (And they will promise all kinds of “stuff”.)

Arnold says; “I’ll be back”


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