News today says that presidential hopeful Ron Paul will raise 5 million bucks for this quarter. He almost beat out John McCain and has raised about half of what Mitt Romney has raised.

If cold hard cash is important?

I say that because Ron Paul hasn’t really spent a whole hell of a lot of money so far. Much of his buzz comes from the Internet where he has become an enigma.

There are a few people who I have conversed with on the Internet that have been talking favorably about Ron Paul. People who have a lot of common sense, they are conservative, and they are excited about Ron Paul. “..He is different.. A straight shooter.. He has a plan..”

Hearing all of this is causing me to say…

Oh Crap.

I have been down this road before. I have seen it with my own eyes. I have entered the Twilight Zone.

The year was 1992. (or 1991, to be exact) A short man who could be considered “different” began to give ideas that appealed to many conservatives. His name was Ross Perot. He was totally different then the democratic and republican candidates that year, so different that he even got my vote.

So many conservatives voted for Perot, that he managed to split the republican vote and gave the victory to Bill Clinton. (I believe, if memory serves me- President Clinton received 43 % of the vote, Bush H38%, and Perot17%.)

I have felt for awhile that a third party candidate could split the conservative vote again. My thinking was that John McCain, feeling that 2008 could be his last chance at the presidency, could split from the republicans and run as an Independent.

However, Ron Paul could easily do the same thing. (That is, if the Buzz on the Internet is any indication on a following that Ron Paul has.)

I do not hate Ron Paul. He is probably a fine man. He believes that we need to pull out of the Middle East NOW. I believe that leaving Iraq in a mess will make things much worse.

My problem with Ron Paul has nothing to do with him personally. I saw my vote, in 1992, for Ross Perot cause Bill Clinton to win the presidency. I will not fall for that again.

Not this time.

Is Ron Paul a republican..??

He is currently running as one so I must take him at his word.

Is Ron Paul a conservative..??

No. The last time he ran for president, he ran as a libertarian. Today, his campaign speeches resemble the libertarian platform.

Here is where I have a problem with Ron Paul..

Every so often you might see something out of the corner of your eye. Maybe a shadow? You are not quite sure what it was. Then you have the feeling that you have just crossed paths with another world.

This happened to me the other day; we were talking about the government. A person who is a libertarian spoke up. You hear about these libertarian creatures. Sometimes you even get to see a fuzzy picture of one running through a forest. It is very rare to actually meet a true libertarian.

Conservatives want to cut the government. Libertarians want to take an axe to it. You might say libertarians are conservatives “on steroids.” This may sound great. Lower taxes, smaller government with less intrusion. I have seen many people perk up when a libertarian begins preaching.

Cutting the government down from 43% taxation on us Americans to an 8 % sounds really good. Except.. How can you do it..??

The answer you get most often is…

“Well, you sell off many of the programs the government currently does to private companies. Once the government doesn’t have to do these jobs, we can lower taxes.”

That sounds great! But why would a private company buy a road..??

They would want to make cash from their investment. You will pay a toll to travel on any privately own roads. That would be how a private company would make roads profitable. Ever single freaking road you travel on could have a toll.

A road costs, what a road costs to build and maintain. The government may piss some of the money away, but you will still pay for that road. Instead of paying the government, you will pay private companies. Better get a big tub of quarters and set it next to the driver’s seat. You will pay a toll just to go from North Street unto Park Ave.

Social Security will have to go. A private company will run it like a tight ship. No more free rides. If you signed up right after school and pay in it all your life, you probably will have enough to be covered during retirement. But, the later you sign up, the less you will make. S/S costs what S/S costs. Instead of paying the government, you will pay a private company.Welfare would also have to go. (If you want to reach that 8% taxation.)

 “Who the hell would buy the US Welfare system..??

Maybe a company would sell “Job Insurance.” You would pay into a system for years and if you lose your job, this company would provide you with paychecks for one year. “The more you pay, the longer you can stay.. out of work.” I don’t see how a private company could ever pay for someone who never worked. A poor mother with kids to feed and who can’t work would be out of luck.

If you were smart enough to buy into the drug insurance program when you were young, then your medication should be covered. But if, as a young person, you said: “I don’t need drug insurance. I am going to live hard and die young..” If you do not have drug insurance, then you will pay for all your medications.

The military will have to be slashed. There is no way to hold “The worlds most powerful military” and reach that low- 8% level. We could maintain a small military that is highly professional. If anything major happens, we will just implement the draft. “Who needs all those people training and practicing their skills..??” If war breaks out, we will just grab some Joe off the street, give him a two-week crash course boot camp, and send him off to fight.

Forget the space program. It has never been profitable. Even today, most communication satellites are delivered into space by rockets. The only people interested in buying the shuttle might be museums. You can forget about sending a box of crickets into space to study “Crickets in Space.”

A letter would never be delivered for 37 cents if a private company owned the Post Office. You don’t believe me..? Go to UPS and ask to mail a letter. Your jaw will drop to the floor.

We could go on and on, (like I normally do..) Running down every government program that a libertarian would have to cut to reach their goal. But the point has been made. You would still pay for these services. Instead of paying the government, you would pay a private company.

The only way you can save money under this system is if you go with out Job Insurance, retirement, medication insurance. If you do not drive on any roads or mail any letters. Never-ever get attacked by any other country. Then you might save a ton of money. But, you will have to die while you are still working and pray you do not get sick.

Many libertarians call for a legalization of street drugs, prostitution, and other “victimless crimes.” The theory is that our police force, judicial system, and jails are tied up with non-violent criminals. We should just legalize all this stuff and we could close jails, lay off police officers, etc.

I can’t deny that if this stuff were legal, police would have less to do. Jails would become.. maybe half empty. But this wouldn’t last for long. Just look at Amsterdam. They legalized many street drugs and prostitution. The crime rate is now increasing. Heroin is still against the law to sell in Amsterdam. This is the drug that people are buying. (People seem to always want what they cannot have..??) If heroin becomes legal, dealers will come up with some new synthetic drug. Prostitution has the same effect. Though Amsterdam has an HIV testing program, one in fourteen prostitutes has HIV. What they have found is that this activity is drawing the worst elements of humanity into Amsterdam. (Something they didn’t count on.) People vacation in Amsterdam to get high and party with hookers. Criminals are cashing in on these party animals.

New- Amsterdam politicians are promising a crackdown in the red-light districts. If this liberal system isn’t working for Amsterdam, why would we try it here..??

There are economists who believe America could achieve a flat tax of 26-to-15% and still keep most programs. Your income tax form would be a postcard confirming how much you made. Everyone, rich or poor would pay 15%. No more loopholes for the wealthy. No more penalizing people for being successful.

This is a system that many conservatives are pointing to. I too, feel that a 26-to-15 percent flat tax is a much better system than slashing everything and going back to a “1903” system of government.

The Libertarian system sounds good on paper, but when you break it down.. You will still pay for these services.

Every so often, you will meet an actual libertarian. (I had a fight with one on “My Space” just recently.) Most, are not really libertarians. They say they are. They like the sound of lower taxes, but they do not want to see all programs and the military cut. Some like the smaller, less intrusive government, but they do not want to lose the FDA, FCC, building inspectors, bridge and highway inspections, and they do not want to see street drugs legalized.

It is rare indeed. But trust me.. They are out there.

What was that flash you just saw out of the corner of your eye. Was it Bigfoot? A space Alien? Or was it….

Research material used…”The Great Libertarian Offer”- by Harry Browne

Also.. Various web sites- Just Google- “libertarian” You will find them!

Coming this weekend to The Angry Republican

“..We are mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore..”

With some people in southern conservatives states talking about secession.

With people in liberal Vermont pitching the ideal of leaving the United States.

With people so mad that they are willing to take the law into their own hands to force others to respect America.

With democrats promising BIGGER social programs with higher taxes, and conservatives feeling over taxed already.

With a war in the Middle East that is pulling America apart and bleeding us financially dry.

Are we near the end of the American Experiment..??

That editorial is due out this weekend, as soon as I write it. (No Glenn, I am not trying to rip off your topic. I have a totally different take on it.)

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