“I am getting dizzy from all the spinning.”

It is getting to the point where you cannot say anything.

A couple of misplaced words could kill you.

John Edwards just recently told an MTV audience that “..soon, there will be no Black men (in America) because they will all be in prison. Or dead..”

That sounds really racist.

But I believe Edwards knows that there are MORE American Black men in college, then there are Black men in prison. (I believe the ratio is 4 to 1) So what Edwards said is not possible.

Thinking for myself, I believe John Edwards screwed up whatever it is he was trying to say. Though I’m not really sure what his point was?

The reason I know about this story on John Edwards is because conservative “talking heads” were telling me about “Edwards’ racist statement.”

Just one hour earlier, these same conservative “talking heads” were whining about unfair accusations of racism from Bill O’Reilly. O’Reilly was happy to announce that a Black restaurant was virtually the same as an Italian restaurant.

Maybe Mr. O’Reilly had never been in a Black restaurant? Maybe we should applaud him?


Also, conservatives complained about an unfair story on how Rush Limbaugh called a US soldier a “Phony Soldier.”

Liberals had taken things said by Rush Limbaugh out of context, and played them in sound bites.

It didn’t sound good.

“Phony soldiers..”

Some liberals spend all day taping shows like Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly to find anything they can use against them.

It was these same liberals who were calling foul because of the “Swift Boat Vets for Truth” advertisements helped destroy a presidential candidate. Liberals were not very happy about those TV commercials on John Kerry.

Conservatives felt that the “Swift Boat” commercials brought truth to the forefront.

Today, these same conservatives now feel “Move ON dot Org” is anti-American and “Media Matters” should be drawn up in court for tax evasion. Liberals like George Soros and the Clinton’s feel both organizations help bring the truth to the forefront.

But it was President Clinton and Soros who felt that it was terrible when republicans claimed the War in Kosovo was only a distraction to get “Clinton and Monica” off the front page of newspapers.

However, it is these very same liberals (Soros) who are now trying to say that the War in Iraq was only started to make President Bush’s oil buddies rich.

Are you following all of this..??

“Seriously, make the room stop spinning..”

Historians tell me that American politics has always been like this. Our very first president; George Washington, didn’t really want the job. (Smart man.) He felt someone else should do it. After the Revolutionary War, George Washington just wanted to go home and do some fishing. The founding fathers talked him into taking the job. (Washington refused his presidential paycheck. He did the job for free.)

Since then, election after election: we have had two and sometimes three people fighting for the title of president. Some years the campaigning has gotten down right filthy. In other years the politicians are a little more polite to each other. The last time that occurred, (in my opinion) was 1996 with Bob Dole and Bill Clinton. Bob Dole was a gentleman who didn’t climb into the political mud. Clinton knew he couldn’t attack Dole because of his military record and years of service in politics. So we had what the mainstream media refers to as a “boring election.”

You cannot call the 2008 election “boring.” There are so many twists and plot changes; it is almost bordering on the verge of “sickening.” (Maybe it is already sick?)

Conservatives are pissed because of the premise of “Media Matters” and “Move ON.” Organizations with the sole purpose to bring down republicans. How dare they focus solely on conservatives..??

Liberals feel that talk radio gives republicans an unfair advantage. So much so, that liberal’s are willing to pay people to listen to talk radio and try and find errors. (Media Matters.) Some liberals are so pissed at talk radio that they are willing to contemplate a new “fairness doctrine.” Which would kind of be like cutting off your nose to spite your face.

The way I see it..

Get over it..!!

Liberals abandoned AM radio many years ago. Conservatives picked it up and they put on shows that were entertaining and informative. They gained a following and rejuvenated AM radio.

That is capitalism. Give the people what they want.

Liberals picked up the Internet long before many conservatives did. Liberals set up Internet sites that were entertaining and (“aaaugh”) informative. (I almost choked while saying that.) Liberals gained a following on the Internet.

That is capitalism. Give the people what they want.

Technically, we are doing what has been done in this country for hundreds of years..

We are keeping each other in check. Keeping an eye on what the “others” are doing.

Actually, I feel better that liberals are cowering over every word spoken by Rush Limbaugh. I can see liberals in a dark damp room somewhere, listening to Rush. Doing their “Google searches” and cross checking. In a three-hour show, a guy like Limbaugh may give out hundreds of facts. If Media Matters can only find one thing out of a three-hour show, that isn’t a bad record. (Considering the fact that Rush isn’t reading a script. Much of what he does comes from his memory.)

We conservatives have had a system, similar to “Media Matters”, in place for years. It is called “conservative talk radio.” These conservative radio shows pay people to comb over the “mainstream media” and find errors and bizarre claims in news reporting. Then the host of these radio shows tells us all about it during the next broadcast.

My biggest concern is the “no tax” status of “Move On” and “Media Matters.”

Let me explain…

Guys like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity clearly believe in conservative ideas. Their shows are orientated to grow the conservative movement. Both Hannity and Rush pay taxes.

However, Move On and Media Matters- (Which clearly are trying to promote the liberal and progressive movement) DO NOT PAY TAXES. They are hiding under the guise of a non-profit, tax exempted organization.

Isn’t it the liberals who always claim that we should pay higher taxes to build big social programs like national health care and giving $5,000 bucks to every new child born in America..??

Then why aren’t these liberal political sites paying their taxes?

If Move On and Media Matters would pay their taxes, I wouldn’t have much of a problem with these organizations. It has nothing to do with a lack of money. George Soros and the Clinton’s have plenty of money to pay the taxes for these sites.

Here is the way I see it…

If Rush Limbaugh wants to point out flaws in liberal ideas, that is fine. That is free speech. As long as he is paying taxes.

If Media Matters wants to point out flaws in something Rush Limbaugh said, that is fine too. (Again, that free speech stuff.) But at least pay your taxes like Rush Limbaugh and the rest of us do.

In the 2008 election, this “got you” type politics is getting out of hand. Conservatives complain about statements that are taken out of context from Rush and O’Reilly and used to make them look bad. But then conservatives do the same thing with a statement made by John Edwards about all Black men being in prison. (Or dead.)

Liberals are no better. They complained about the Swift Boat Vets TV commercials, but liberals are now doing the same type of thing with Move On’sGeneral Betray us” ad.

Is there anyone in politics today who is willing to climb out of the political mud and not take part in this schoolyard fight..??

Is there anyone out there who wants to give John Edwards the benefit of the doubt? Maybe he misspoke? I do not believe Edwards thinks all Black men are criminals.

Will anyone bother to take the time to listen to the entire monologue delivered by Rush Limbaugh? To find out that Rush was talking about one particular soldier who appeared on liberal web sites and told stories of witnessing terrible things being done by US soldiers in Iraq. This soldier was never stationed in Iraq. His story was “phony.”

Will anyone take the time to find out the facts and give candidates and pundits the benefit of the doubt..??

Probably not.. At least not anytime soon.

Because we Americans are in the middle of one nasty political campaign and it will get worse before it gets better.

Which brings me to the point of this post-

(Yes, this rambling mess DID actually have a point.)

If anyone reading this editorial happens to work for their district voting board, we need to do something right now..

We need to check all of the voting machines now. Do not wait until the election. They MUST work right this time out. We cannot have another screwed up election like the 2000 election.

With this much political fighting and how dirty the parties are willing to get, I do not think Americans could take another screwed up election.

We have plenty of time to check and double check voting machines. They must work right.

I propose that any state, (are you listening Florida and Ohio?) any state during the 2008 election that happens to have voting errors because the ballot was written in a confusing way, or the voting machine wasn’t calibrated correctly. If that happens in your state, then you are kicked out of the Union. If your state’s voting machines screw up in 2008, then you have to pack your bags and leave the United States.

OK, that may be a little harsh. But we have plenty of time to make sure that every vote counts.

Americans must know that the next president truly won the vote.

There cannot be another “selected but not elected” type president. That type of victory is hollow and does no good for the country.

It just makes people bitter.

Written by Babonie for The Angry Republican