Border to border- Sen. Craig coverage

Billed as- “The GOP’s worst nightmare..” on one liberal web site, Sen. Craig is reconsidering his leaving the Senate.

(Or it was some kind of “mix up” with e-mails..?? He sent the wrong e-mail to the right person.)

Are you confused..??


So am I.

Sen. Craig seems to have communication problems.

Sen. Craig seems to have bathroom problems, too.

A blogger named Mike Rogers claims there is proof Sen. Craig is gay. Then Sen. Craig pleads guilty to disorderly conduct in a public restroom. But the senator later states he did nothing wrong in that bathroom. However, he proceeds to resign from the senate- to only claim he didn’t really say he was resigning…

And this is the- “GOP’s worst nightmare..??”

I do not think so.

Democrats winning the White House and holding onto the congress. Pulling troops out of the Middle East and America being seen as “cowards” by terrorists. America being attacked again, like 9/11.

That is my worst nightmare.

Not some guy who did (or didn’t) hit on a police officer in a public restroom.

Congress being caught doing questionable things has become common fare. Ironically, it was today- THIS VERY DAY- In 1774, that the First Continental Congress assembled in Philadelphia. And look at how far we have come..!!

We are now questioning if it is OK for a senator to tap his foot and “rub” a strangers foot in the restroom. Our founding fathers would be proud.

I believe there is a valuable lesson to be learned in every event.

9 times out of 10, it is the attempt to “cover up” a problem that causes more problems. Sen. Craig claims he pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct so that the actual charge would “go away.” This is a cover up. This is causing Craig all of his problems.

President Clinton lied under oath to hide the fact that he was cheating on his wife and family. This is a cover up.

In both cases, the cover up attempt is what causes people to no longer trust you. This is what brings a person down.

So Sen. Craig, deciding NOT to resign, is not my worst nightmare. But I think it is wrong.

Here is my reasoning-

Any person who pleads guilty to a charge that he says he didn’t commit. Then quits his job, but later says he didn’t quit his job- that person is clearly having some personal problems. I cannot believe that Sen. Craig will be giving the taxpayers of Idaho the full attention deserved.

I believe there are certain occupations that we Americans need to know are being filled by people who are as perfect as humanly possible. (Police officers, congress, doctors, teachers, etc..)

Yes, you are innocent until proven guilty. And you should fight the criminal aspects of the charge. However, you need to step down until you have proven your innocents.

If there are young people reading this editorial and they are thinking of becoming police officers, teachers and members of congress- you should remember that people prefer honesty in these professions. If you get into trouble, you may have to step down. However, after proving your innocents, you should be given a second chance. (In a perfect world.) I know, that is laughable.

But Sen. Craig never said a word..

What crime did he commit..??

Which brings us to…

Sen. Craig’s effect on liberals

To many of us conservatives, we were stunned by hearing about republican Senator Craig’s bathroom adventure as: “The restroom Romeo.” When he allegedly solicited a cop for sex in a public restroom.

After hearing about it, many of us conservatives asked Craig to step down. He said he would. We conservatives moved on to the next story.

But on some left wing sites, this issue tears them apart.

You have your usual “brain dead liberals” who blame all of the GOP because we are “gay bashers.” (Excuse me, but I believe solicitation- to have sex in public places, has been a crime long before we were born. I’m not sure you can blame this one on Bush, Cheney, and The Angry Republican.) For the brain dead liberal, this is the perfect time to strike at republicans. (Regardless if they are kicking their gay friends in the head.)

However, the liberals who haven’t fried all of their brain cells and do not walk in lock step with the socialist progressives, they are asking important questions.

Heterosexuals solicit for sex in all kinds of places. They hit on each other at work, at the gym, in restaurants, maybe even at church. (Although- mostly the pick up line would be: “Ya wanna go have dinner sometime..??” Rarely would we use the line: “Hey Baby, you wanna have sex..?? Especially at church.)

So, on many liberal web sites a debate is rising in the comment section.

Should Sen. Craig be charged with a crime..??

Is what he did a crime? After all, we heterosexuals hit on each other all the time in many different places. (Not usually the bathroom.)

I personally believe that asking for sex in a public restroom is not a good thing. But Sen. Craig didn’t say a word. He used hand signals and tapped his foot.

Before this all happened, I would never have known what that meant. If some guy was tapping his foot in the stall next to me, I would have figured he had “restless leg syndrome.” If someone was peeking into my stall, I would have uttered the- “I’m heterosexual” common response- “You got a problem..??” The Gay man would hear this and he goes away.

I do not want the government in the restroom creating new laws on how to “squat on the pot” in public.

We humans seem to have handled this dilemma for thousands of years. I’m not sure why we need governmental help now..??

I have never had to pull a “Tucker Carlson” and slam someone’s head into the bathroom door. And I have been in some rowdy bars in my day.

So why all the fuss now..??

This debate is kind of interesting and telling of the democratic supporters. The brain dead liberals do not care if they are throwing gay people under the bus because this helps their goal to make “all republicans the cause of all the evil in the world.”

The intellectual liberals say: “Hold on a minute.. I hate republicans too.. But Sen. Craig never said a word. Do we want the government in the bathroom..??”

The “brain dead” again blame republicans because it was: “Those church going, republican Neanderthals who brought the government into the bathroom with all their illegal wiretapping..(???)..”

As far as I know, public sex has been against the law for as long as I can remember. I believe it dates back to pre-republican party times. Along with public urination.

But Sen. Craig never said a word. The police say he used hand signals that most Americans would never have known the meaning.

This is a real interesting debate. (It even has the actor Alex Baldwin in its mix. Although Baldwin blames republicans for causing gay people to have to use the restroom for sex.) Alex doesn’t explain why gay people can no longer use their homes for sex? Or a motel?

For me, I believe Craig should have stepped down. At the same time, he should fight the charge. (I believe he has a case.)

I would like the senate to contain the best members that are humanly possible. (Yes, I know I am dreaming.)

If a judge believes the “foot tapping and hand signals” are a solicitation for public sex, then it is a crime.

This has nothing to do with “gay bashing.”

Had this taken place in a “family restroom” where mothers and fathers take their children, had Sen. Craig hit on a mother for “public sex”, I would feel the same way I do today.

It has nothing to do with “gay” and everything to do with a Senator using bad judgement.

I believe the senator should step down until he proves his innocents.

Can a gay person oppose gay marriage and gays in the military..?? (Does he have a constitutional right to an opinion? Or does being gay mute that constitutional right of opinion?) Why is it socially OK to “out” a gay person who votes against gay marriage? But it is NOT socially OK to “out” a gay celebrity who is in hiding and does nothing for the “cause” of gay rights?

Why is it OK for a comedian like Louis Black to use the word “faggot”, but not OK for comedian Jerry Lewis..??

They both have “LouisLewis” in their name and they are both comedians..??

BERLIN (AP) – Three suspected Islamic terrorists from an al-Qaida-influenced group nursing “profound hatred of U.S. citizens” were arrested on suspicious of plotting imminent, massive bomb attacks on U.S. facilities in Germany, prosecutors said Wednesday.

You couple that story with this next one…

(CBS) BAGHDAD, Iraq One week before Gen. David Petraeus is expected to give his report on U.S. progress in Iraq, CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric says she has already seen dramatic improvements in the country.

“We hear so much about things going bad, but real progress has been made there in terms of security and stability,” Couric said Tuesday. “I mean, obviously, infrastructure problems abound, but Sunnis and U.S. forces are working together. They banded together because they had a common enemy: al Qaeda.”

It was great waking up and reading those two stories.

Sometimes you just have to get away from the liberal- “Doom and gloom” and the “Sky is falling” mentality.

Thanks for reading The Angry Republic