Recently, two “angry old men” have attacked the vehicle that transported them to fame and riches.

Bernard Shaw attacked CNN

Dan Rather is attacking CBS News

We will get into this story in a minute, but first…

The Albanians DID NOT steal President Bush’s wristwatch.

There has been a story floating around the news that President Bush’s watch was taken off of his arm while he was shaking hands and kissing babies. This was a special watch made for Bush from the Timex Company.

There is a video that shows Bush’s arm as he is shaking hands with the Albanians. One minute Bush has a watch on his arm, the next minute the watch is gone..

Can you explain it..??

White House spokesman- Tony Snow said President Bush put the watch in his pocket. The Albanians did NOT steal the watch.

Here at The Angry Republic, we believe there is some kind of conspiracy going on. A type of Bush-Albanian connection.

The White House is clearly covering for the Albanians. It is the only way you can describe what took place with this Timex watch.

The Angry Republic has stationed reporter “Inda Comma” at the Timex Watch factory. If the White House tries to have a new watch made up for the President by Timex. We will know about it and so will you…

There will be NO Bush-Albania connection cover-up while WE are reporting the news…

( has the stolen watch video)

Now back to our regular story…




What the heck is happening to these old news anchors? Are they going senile or are we seeing their true colors?

If you haven’t heard, Dan Rather is having a feud with his former employer- TV network CBS.

Rather had this to say about the current CBS News with Catie Couric…

“…Couric (is a) “nice person, the mistake was to try to bring the ‘Today’ show ethos to the ‘Evening News,’ and to dumb it down, tart it up in hopes of attracting a younger audience…”

Where I come from, “Tart” means only one thing- Trashy, a sex kitten, a lose woman, a streetwalker, the kind of girl you meet at a bar at 2am. This girl has the wacky ability to answer “sure” to any question asked. (Examples being– …Would you like to go to my place?- Tart replies“Sure”

Would you like to run naked in the City Park? Tart replies- “Sure.“)

Unfortunately for Dan Rather, CBS Evening News has only ONE female anchor. Catie Couric.

I am willing to give Dan the benefit of the doubt on the “tart” comment. I do not believe Dan was calling Catie a trashy sex kitten. I believe something was lost in the translation between “old fart” speak and modern language. (Dan was probably referring to “tart” meaning- “sweet.”)

However, Dan Rather’s comment about “dumb it down” to attract a younger audience should piss most Americans off.

Is Dan Rather trying to imply that to reach young Americans, you would have to make the News- stupid? Dumb.

I talk to a lot of young people and they are MORE aware of what is going on then I ever was at that age. Some have devoted a portion of their free time to get President Bush impeached. (Via- the Internet)

While others have committed themselves to keeping the current course of action, (The War on Terrorism) in full swing.

But these young people are involved…

It would be insane to imply that the only way you could reach a younger audience is to “dumb it down.”

Dan Rather has proved one thing to America. Rather NEEDS a speechwriter. Rather cannot go out in public and speak whatever comes to mind. He insulted his former Employer. CBS News helped Rather climb to the pinnacle of the News Anchor occupation.

Rather has insulted Catie Couric and probably millions of women.

And Rather has insulted millions of young Americans by implying that news would have to be “dumb” for young people to tune in.

While Dan Rather was anchor of the CBS Evening News, his show was in last place in ratings. (Between the BIG three “free” networks.)

Today, Catie Couric’s version of The Evening News is in last place.


You have nothing to be proud of.

Rather had decades to “do something” with the Evening News and the best Rather could achieve was last place.

Catie has only done the show for a year.

Bernard Shaw recently attacked his former employer- CNN cable news. Shaw claims that CNN is trying to be like Fox News and in doing so, they are killing the cable news channel.

(This isn’t quite as bad as Rather insulting MOST of America, but I feel it is also interesting.)

I disagree with Shaw. CNN created the model of a “cable news network.” Ted Turner’s brainchild invented the news network.

Fox News copied CNN. It is so clear.

CNN had “Crossfire”, a political talk show with both political parties represented. So Fox created Hannity and Colmes.

CNN had Larry King. An “Old Time” interviewer who would talk with guests on current events. Fox added Bill O’Reilly.

CNN had a legal show with Greta Van Susteren. Fox gave Greta more money and gave her an hour show.

I could give more examples of how Fox News actually copied CNN, but what would be the point.

The major difference would be- CNN has always reported news from a liberal point of view. Fox News uses a conservative point of view.

If America is equally divided between Liberal and Conservative, both networks should be neck and neck in the ratings. But they are not.

Why does Fox News hold the lead in ratings..?? Why has Fox News been in first place for years..??

Because Fox News’ program hosts have turned themselves into celebrities. Many have written books that become NY Times “bestsellers.” Many of the Fox News hosts have a radio show that becomes popular. (Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Tony Snow filled in for Rush, John Gibson, Alan Colmes, etc)

CNN just doesn’t do this…

Fox News program hosts became household names.

I just cannot see how CNN could copy Fox when CNN created the format.

Fox News has become the network that liberals love to hate. When a liberal watches Fox News, they are not use to hearing news reported without a liberal agenda. (IE- “How this story relates to humans killing the earth..” or- “This story proves America is bad because this homeless guy didn’t have a turkey for Thanksgiving..”) Fox reports news in a capitalistic / pro-American manner. This type of reporting makes liberals sick.

So liberals start name calling- “Faux News.” Because they are use to hearing news with a liberal slant.

What Bernard Shaw was trying to say, is-

Fox News isn’t liberal enough. Therefore it is bad. CNN is not being liberal enough- today, like it was in the beginning. Therefore, CNN is becoming bad.

Bernard Shaw doesn’t like this.


News is news. If what you are reporting ISN’T true, you will be exposed. (There are thousands of bloggers just waiting for Fox and CNN to screw up.)

So it is all in how you report the facts.

To me, what Bernard Shaw is saying is- CNN is leaning a bit to far to the right. They are not liberal enough for him.

I too have noticed a change in some of the reporting done by CNN.

If CNN is not careful. If they continue to cover the liberal and conservative viewpoints…

CNN might screw up and over-take Fox News’ first place standings.

I mainly disagree with both of these men cutting down the companies that made them famous.

Loyalty has completely gone out the window for these two guys. They have made their mark and now it is time to lace up the iron boot and kick the hand that fed you in the mouth.

(Did that last sentence make any freaking sense..??)

More than likely,

Some old time reporter had this to say, many years ago-

“That Bernard Shaw and Dan Rather are screwing up the news. They don’t know how to report.

Americans are concerned about the Russians. NOT some homeless guy who didn’t get a Thanksgiving turkey..”

Hey Shaw, hey Rather..

Give the new people a chance.

Have you forgotten what “being new” was like..??