In case you are wondering what some of the democrats have planned for Iraq if they became president…

New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton:
Begin redeploying troops out of Iraq within 90 days. Supports a goal of all removing all combat troops except those needed for residual missions by March 2008. Residual forces would be charged with training and equipping Iraqi security forces, counterterrorism activities, protecting U.S. personnel and facilities, and protecting the Kurds in northern Iraq.

OK, Hillary would keep a small force in Iraq which could get it’s ass kicked much faster then the present American force level.

Delaware Sen. Joe Biden:
Withdraw almost all U.S. forces by the end of 2007. Maintain a residual force of about 20,000 troops for counterterrorism efforts, protection from foreign threats and training for Iraqi security forces.

OK, Biden would keep a small force in Iraq which could get it’s ass kicked much faster then the present American force level.

Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards
Immediately withdraw 40,000 to 50,000 troops, along with any sent over as part of President Bush’s plan in January to add 30,000 troops eventually. Bring home all combat troops within 12-18 months. Leave a residual force to help protect the U.S. Embassy and Americans offering humanitarian relief, and keep a force in the region to prevent civil war from spilling over into other countries,

OK, Edwards would keep a small force in Iraq which could get it’s ass kicked much faster then the present American force level.

There has to be at least one democrat with an origional plan for Iraq?

Illinois Sen. Barack Obama
Introduced legislation two months ago that would have begun bringing home troops by Tuesday, the fourth anniversary of Bush’s speech declaring an end to major combat operations in Iraq. Leave a residual force of a size to be determined to help train Iraqi troops, participate in counterterror operations, protect U.S. personnel and maintain a presence at the Defense Department’s attache office.

OK, Obama would keep a small force in Iraq which could get it’s ass kicked much faster then the present American force level.

Wait.. Maybe we found someone.

Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich
Close all U.S. military bases in Iraq and withdraw the troops.

Well, we found a democrat that isn’t following the rest. Wait a minute.. Kucinich has more to say-

Convene a regional conference to develop a security and stabilization force made up of troops from other nations that would replace U.S. troops, a process he says will take at least three months.

In three months. That is all it will take, three months- Kucinich will create a world force of people from other countries that will get their ass kicked in Iraq. From countries who do not want to help right now?

All of the democratic candidates believe leaving 30,000 US troops in Iraq would be a wise thing to do How would like to be one of the 30,000 left behind as the walls come caving in.

Kucinich is the only one calling for a complete US pull out. He will round up people from other countries to police Iraq. “Good luck with that..”

If you want to read this stuff, it is very funny, I am putting a link at the bottom of this page.

We knew President Bush would veto the democratic- Iraq war funding bill. The main reason for the veto was NOT the tons of money slipped into the bill for “peanut storage areas.” President Bush has only vetoed two bills. He has never been one to trim the pork from bills. (Which pisses us conservatives off.)

The only reason for the veto was the pull out of American forces from Iraq on a timetable.

So this really isn’t news. Bush said he would veto it. And so you have it..

But listen to the way the liberal press covers the story. This is from the LA Times-

President Bush vetoed a Democratic war spending bill Tuesday that would have compelled him to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq, a move that came exactly four years after he triumphantly landed on an aircraft carrier to announce the end of “major combat operations.”

What does the 4 year old landing on the aircraft carrier have to do with this bill..??

I know, you are wondering if this story was from the editorial page of the LA Times? No, sorry.. it was the front page.

Maybe this was a paragraph that I pulled from way down at the bottom of this story. Sorry again.. that was the first paragraph.

Liberals cannot get past that “mission accomplished” story. They are stuck in that timeframe. Forget the fact that the event DID signal the end of major combat. Saddam’s army and airforce were defeated. Forget the fact that the sailors aboard the carrier HAD completed their mission.

I think I would have had President Bush land a fighter on an aircraft carrier to veto this bill. I would have set it all up. Bush could stroll out of the cockpit with his flight suit on and veto the bill.

Just to piss the liberals off.

What is interesting about this situation is that 7 democrats voted with republicans to up-hold the veto. With those 7 democrats and the republicans, the Bush veto will stand. Now congress will have to come up with another bill. Hopefully, with no time lines in it.

I have heard democrats say- “Bush isn’t a king.. He can’t just do whatever he pleases..”

No. He isn’t a king. But he is the president. Bush isn’t doing anything different than any other presidents have done before.

I do not know what more president Bush could have done? He told congress that he will veto a bill that gives a surrender date. He will NOT sign a bill that lets the enemy know what day America will leave Iraq.

That would be crazy.

I guess there is a hotel in California that has went “green.” They have waterless urinals, (how nice) and they have Al Gore’s book in the night stand instead of the bible.

I’m not going to name the hotel because that is what they are seeking. Attention.


There is a story going around that the DNC is going to hand out flyers at the Reagan Library, and other places. In this flyer, the DNC lists reasons why the current republicans who are running for president, do not hold republican values.

Just what we need..

More liberals telling us what we should be like.

You have liberals telling you where you should smoke. What kind of lightbulbs you should use. What you can say on the radio. What kind of grease to cook your fries in. How big your car can be. If you should be able to own a gun.

No thanks,

I don’t need a liberal telling me what a republican should be like.

LA Times loves president Bush

Democrats future plans to get US Troops asses kicked

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