Many conservative and liberal bloggers talk about a “political swing.” Like a pendulum that swings right, then heads back left.

This is very true if we are talking about the presidency or congress. We can point out the 12 years of President Reagan and Bush. Then 8 years of President Clinton, now 8 years of President Bush. The pendulum is swinging right to left.

But I believe there is a generational political swing. Or a “monumental political swing.” A much bigger swing that takes place in America and lasts a generation. I believe politicians play to this swing and we see democrats and republicans following the mood of the country to get elected. (Yes, that is kind of redundant.) But it explains the small, presidential swings we see every 4- to 8 years.

The good news…

I believe we are heading out of a liberal- monumental political swing.

The bad news…

We will probably see a democratic president in 2008.


(Sorry, but there is a real chance of it happening.)

But the good news still remains. America is heading into a conservative monumental swing.

How can I say this..??


Let’s start in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

The “wild, wild, west. Need I say more?

Here was a generation that didn’t play by the rules. When America made alcohol illegal, this generation said the hell to your laws and drank booze anyway. The music was rag time and wild. The parties were BIG, and “art-deco” was the scene. They even forced the Ford Motor Company to add color to the cars. (Until that time, cars were only painted black.)

The great depression and WW2 forced this “roaring twenties” generation to grow up real fast.

The 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s saw a pride in America. People bought American products and we experienced a great industrial boom. There was a concern for morals and people were more conservative in nature. (The “Leave it to Beaver” generation.)


Then, of course, we head into the middle 1960’s and we see the “roaring twenties” all over again.

It was “sex, drugs, and rock and roll.” The feeling was F*** the system, do not trust the American government.

You know the rest of the story. Conservatives didn’t see a need to change things in America, so we conservatives went into business and the private sector.

Liberals wanted to change EVERYTHING in the 60’s and 70’s, so they went into education, journalism, and politics.

But now, many of those liberals are closing in on retirement. I am seeing some liberal teachers and professors taking an early retirement in their late 50’s and early 60’s. Being replaced by young conservatives or people who are more middle of the road.

Believe it or not, there was a time when you could not say you were a conservative if you were a college professor. The college wouldn’t fire you for being conservative, but you would not be asked for your opinion on certain matters involving the school and you might be ostracize by your piers. Those days are fading fast.

While we could see a democratic president in 2008, I believe the people of America will swing more to the middle. We will see more conservatives enter journalism, education, and politics. After a 4 or 8 year term of a democrat in the White House, America will be knee deep in a “back to basics” mentality. Leaning more to the right.


People will want to return to what made America great. Not what could make America different.

How can I say this..??


First off, people are living longer today. A monumental political swing could have only taken 40 years in days gone past. Today it may take 50 or 60 years. But we are just at the beginning of a new swing.

A swing to the right for a generation and here is why..

In the 1970’s, the only media we conservatives had to transfer information was a few magazines. No TV channels, no radio. Just a couple of conservative magazines. This was the era of “the freedom hippies.” Nobody wanted to hear that conservative- “old fart crap.” Everything was groovy. In the 80’s we had President Reagan. Also, if you put tin foil on your radio antenna and set the radio high up on a shelf near an outside wall, you might be able to pick up The Rush Limbaugh show– broadcasting from some far away radio station.

In the 90’s, we conservatives finally got a TV network. A network that expresses the conservative viewpoint. Fox News.

Liberals still control the bulk of TV, education, and to some extent- politics. However..

Today, with the advent of satellite radio, you have 24 hours of conservative talk on several channels. Countless conservative talk shows. And with the success of Glenn Beck at CNN Headline News, I would not be surprised to see that network ad a few more conservative shows.


This proves that conservative values are growing in America. Fox News is still the number one cable news network. Conservative radio is still the top draw. Folks, you can rationalize all you want to try and explain this, but I got to tell you. Money talks…


If you have the top spot, then you have the top dollars coming in. Clearly, young journalists are heading into this conservative media. It is growing.

The LA Times is cutting 150 jobs while Fox News keeps hiring. News Corp keeps growing and buying out other business, while liberal media- like the NY Times are shrinking.

Is Television cleaning up it’s act..??

You tell me. I hardly watch much primetime TV today. My focus is mainly news and information. It is a drastic change from my viewing habits just a decade ago.


TV has gotten so bad and so far off track, that their biggest draw now days is showing YOU- the American people, on TV in a “reality type” setting. They have given up trying to write something new. So they just stick a camera in front of us.

The same thing is happening in education…

I know a few teachers and they have no idea what to do? They hate going to work in modern times. We have given students so many rights that the teachers can no longer control the class. When the classroom is out of control, education suffers. American children are not learning as much as they should, or could because teachers cannot discipline the students. Teachers will be terminated on just an accusation. Schools will be sued.

We have to give teachers and schools their rights back. The right to understandable discipline without threat of retaliation.

Can conservatives do this..??

I hope so. Because democrats do not want to tackle these issue.

It has gone too far to the left.

Criminals have more rights then the victims or the police.

The enemy has more rights then the American soldier.


The verbally “offended” have more rights than the person exercising his or her right to free speech.

The illegal alien hiding in America has the same rights as the American citizen and the borders are wide open.


Radical Islam has stated they are the enemy of America and they want to kill as many of us as they can. They have said this, but some people do not want to hear it. Instead, these people condemn the folks who ride through “Blog-land” writing: “The Terrorists are coming, The terrorists are coming…”

But this is changing.

With more conservatives heading into journalism, education, and politics, we will see a move to the center. Then to the right.

Did you ever think you would hear the rap music industry talking about censoring themselves..??


(I never did. But they are talking about it.)

Things, they are a changing.

Written by Babonie for The Angry Republican