I know that hindsight is an easy thing to use. Now that we know what happened at Virginia Tech, you have to wonder why more wasn’t done about Cho Seung-Hui when they first diagnosed that he was a danger to himself and others? Hearing that some of his teachers were afraid to leave him alone with female students, just flips me out.

Some people want to rely on the system. But the system failed in this case. I am not trying to blame the college. The blame falls directly on the killer.

But if you every hear me complain about not wanting “bigger governments” or “bigger systems”, it is because I just don’t believe they work very well.

Now we find out that Cho Seung-Hui mailed NBC News a large package, including photographs and videos, makes it all the more strange.

Cho was trying to copy the killers at Columbine High School.

If you haven’t seen the video he sent to NBC News, here is part of it.

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I plan on deleting this post after awhile. The whole thing is just too perverted and creepy.

I have heard a few people comment that the system creates killers like this because society is tough and people are mean.

American society didn’t create this killer. He did it all by himself in his twisted mind.