Bees are dying. You are to blame.

I wrote an article about a month ago. Wait.. let me check. It was written on March 14 (2007). But the information was gathered over the course of several days.

I knew this would become a bigger story in the spring as beekeepers began to check their hive boxes. I warned you. Now, it is happening.

At the time of writing the first article, there was no information, (that I had) about “cell phones” being the cause of European honeybees NOT returning to their hive boxes. (If I had that information, you could bet I would have been making fun of it.)

Cell-phones are killing the bees..??


This might explain why bees would stay away from downtown Manhattan where everyone, including a two-year-old child, has a cell phone.

But bees are generally NOT kept in a busy town. Most city ordinances will not sanction it. Bees are usually kept in rural areas where cell phone use is limited.

We conservatives had an idea that the “missing” and “dying” bees would be linked to “global warming” in some way. We warned you people that this could not “bee” true. Because bees love warm weather.

Environmentalists have found away around this little fact. The cell phone is killing the bees. Just except it, do not question it.

The information for my first article, (which you can find here)

Bee Real- pt 1

My information came from talking with beekeepers. At the time, there was no knowledge of a European honey bee disappearance. (In fact, Britain is NOT acknowledging a problem today.) However, many European countries are now claiming a drop in the honey bee population. This new information changes a few things in my original article, but not much.

Beekeepers I spoke to claim a “shorter summer” with cooler weather was causing bees to become weak, and seek a new home. Today- April 15. Honey bees should be buzzing about. Starving and searching for food.

They are not. They are sleeping.

Bees are sleeping because today in the northeast, we have 34 degree weather. The weather forecast is showing 30-degree weather continuing into the next weekend. April 2007 is going on record as one of the coldest in history. Which will cause a shorter summer. Folks, the beekeepers were right.


(Which shouldn’t surprise you. If you want to know what is happening to bees, talk to beekeepers.)

But the “humans are bad” culture cannot talk about how cold April-2007 is. They will ignore it. A cold April doesn’t fit into the “humans are bad” so we must stop global warming- agenda.

And the little fuzzy honeybee is screwing everything up for the “humans are bad” movement.

How can we blame humans for this ..??

I know, the cell phones that you nasty humans carry are killing the bees. You should “bee” ashamed..!!


This theory should be easy enough to prove. Take hundreds of hive boxes and isolate them from ANY cell phone activity (including cell towers.) Take several other hundreds of hive boxes and HAVE cell phone activity nearby. Do this for years and find out what happens.

Until that time, I am sticking with the beekeepers, in- that, a virus infection, carried by parasitic bugs, plus cooler-shorter summers, are killing the bees. (Plus the simple fact that not as many people “keep” bees today now that honey ISN’T a main sweetener of choice. Sugar is what most people use today to sweeten food.)

But the fear factor has started. Take a look at this statement, made by the UK Independent-

“..The implications of the (dead and missing bees) are alarming. Most of the world’s crops depend on pollination by bees…”

Not true-

Corn, wheat, rice, rye, barley, and all the other grain crops do not rely on insects for pollination, and they make up the majority of the calories consumed by the human race.

Actually, in recent years, farmers have begun to attract American bees to help pollinate crops like strawberries, flowers, orange trees, etc. America bees pollinate crops just as well as the European honeybees. And for some reason, American bees do not care if you use a cell phone. American bees are “cool’ with it.

The article from the UK makes this statement-

“..Albert Einstein once said that if the bees disappeared, “man would have only four years of life left..”


That statement is spooky. Because I hear that Albert Einstein guy is kind of smart. But keep in mind, it is only the European Honeybees that seem to be effected by this problem. American bees seem to be unaffected by this and again- they pollinate just fine.

Let’s do one more line from the UK article-

“..German research has long shown that bees’ behavior changes near power lines. Now a limited study at Landau University has found that bees refuse to return to their hives when mobile phones are placed nearby. Dr Jochen Kuhn, who carried it out, said this could provide a “hint” to a possible cause…”

OK, again. I know of no beekeepers who set their cell phones near the hive boxes and walk away. Leaving the phones at the hives all day long. This just doesn’t happen.

As I said earlier, nobody wants to see the fuzzy little honeybees disappear. I am sure science will find a reason and come up with a solution. But it isn’t the end of the world. We are not going to starve.

I know folks…

It gets discouraging. Your cell phone is killing bees. Your car is causing the planet earth to warm up. The electricity you are using to read this article is causing the glaciers to melt and will flood millions of people’s homes.


But don’t get discouraged. The solution is very near..

(A solution to global warming..??)


The earth will probably still get warmer no matter what you do. Because that is what the earth has done for millions of years. Then, for reasons unknown, the earth will cool down.

The solution- liberalism is on the decline in America. Soon we will not have to listen to the nagging, the bitching, and the whining. Liberals complain about global warming, but they do not act. They tell you to conserve, but they continue to pollute.

In my next editorial, I talk about the “Monumental political swing.” We Americans can look foreword to a generation of people who take PRIDE in human achievements. No longer will you have to feel bad because man made life easier.

It will be a new renaissance where humans take pride in things that are human. Art will no longer be about how shocking it can be- (A naked- chocolate Jesus.) Art will be judged by how well it is done and how beautiful it is. Human perfection.

Music will no longer be a boastful act. As in modern rap music. No longer will rapper’s compete by claiming they are better because they have more gold, money, cars, guns, they spent more time in prison or have more bitches and ho’s then the next rapper. Music will be about the quality of sound, (no ‘samples’ for me.) The content of words and value of the message is what will matter. “I’m better because I have more ‘bitches and ho’s'” will not cut it anymore.

Children will no longer have to look down at the floor, in shame, because they enjoy things that are modern.

I hope you will join me. That article should be out this Monday or Tuesday. Talk to you then.

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Information for this post came from inside my head.

Also, I used the UK Independent


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