Colleges Raise Profiles With Celebrities

This was a headline in today’s news. I have seen this. Colleges tout a celebrity that happened to attend their campus many years ago. We have a local college who recently put out this flyer-

In this flyer, the college is proud that actress Sharon Stone attended in the early 80’s. Ms. Stone has made many movies, however, she is most famous for the movie- “Basic Instinct” where she spread her legs for the camera. If I remember correctly, it was hailed as the first “R” rated “beaver shot” in movie history.

Edinboro College has tied their ship to Sharon Stone. Out of all the graduates who have come before and after, the college is MOST PROUD of the actress who gave America the first “R” rated “beaver shot.” What happened to academic excellence..??

To be fair, college’s say that students want to know what famous people have attended the campus. If the college promotes Ms. Jones, who went on and became the CEO of Briggs Manufacturing, students say- “Who gives a rats ass.” BUT, Sharon Stone has name recognition.

I still wonder, would Albert Einstein be proud of the first “R” rated beaver shot..??

Fired Florida Transsexual Says He Won’t Sue

Well, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. The transsexual ISN’T going to sue. I know many of us have been sitting by our computers, waiting for news, wondering if the transsexual would sue the city.

As much as I want to make fun of this story, I can’t. It is kind of sad. This guy worked as a city manager for 14 years. He announced that he will become “Susan” and have his “business” chopped off and become a female. The city officials crapped their pants when they heard of this. They made up some “bad performance charge”, and let this guy go.

He / she.. said she / he couldn’t sue the city because they are “like family.” (This is very noble.) “The national ass. of lesbians” said they are behind this guy / girl all the way.

Let me see if I understand this…

Don Imus was fired because people were offended. This transsexual was fired because people were offended. “What is the difference..??”
In both cases, someone was fired because someone was offended.

I think I am going to change my life with an operation. I am tired of being- AR “the working man.” I am going to have surgeons give me an operation that will change me into “Bob- The billionaire.” Because I believe that is what I was born to be. (Bob-The billionaire) I am just in the wrong body. That is all.

Howard K. Stern Files Slander Lawsuit

Is there anyone who DIDN’T see this coming..??

This whole Anna Nicole Smith story is like a bus flying down a hill with no brakes and no steering. We can’t stop the bus, we are not on the bus. The only thing we can do is watch it smash into something and hope nobody else gets hurt.

Rutgers team: We accept Don Imus’ apology

OK. This is the best headline I read so far. This is what human social behavior should be. Forgiveness. “You pissed me off. You said things that hurt me. But I can forgive you..” Now, Don Imus can pick his ass up out of the dirt and go back to insulting people.

And we can go back to bigger news items like this-

Rove- Many missing e-mails are questioned

Here we go again.

The last hundred charges against President Bush didn’t work, so let’s try one more. Missing e-mails.

You have to give the democrats a “A” for effort. They have never given up their quest for impeaching Bush. I think I would have given up after the first several charges didn’t work and I would have focused on a plan to better America. (But that is just me..)

If, ( and I mean “IF”) Obama or Hillary wins the 2008 presidential elections. You can bet members of my party will begin to look for ways of impeaching them.

This terrible cycle will repeat itself again. (Rinse, spin, repeat.)

And we wonder why we never get anyone “Good” running for president.

Who the hell would want the job..??