All across talk radio and even at work today, Don Imus was the hot topic.

What I am about to say is not very “politically correct.” If you are easily offended, you might want to skip to the bottom of the page where I have a picture of a cute little “Tickle me Elmo” doll for you to look at.

(All the “easily offended” people are gone)

OK, Here we go…

Many people that I know have come to the conclusion that a black person can say whatever they want about anybody. White people must be very careful of what they say. Black people can say whatever comes to mind. They can be individuals with free-flowing ideals and thought. White people must monitor what they say before they say it. Analyzing every word before it is spoken, to see if it will offend anyone.

This was the conclusion of the (impromptu) “group think”, this morning at work.

I, The Angry Republican, disagree.. (To a point.) Let me make that point for you-

Take a look at this picture.


That is stand-up comedian Chris Rock. I placed beside his head, a close example of the conversation that Don Imus had that fateful day. Hearing Chris Rock say it doesn’t even make me flinch. I probably would have laughed. Many of us would have. We wouldn’t think much about it.

Now look at this picture..


OK, we have Condi Rice saying the same thing. But we do not have the same results. Folks, if Ms. Rice would have said that same statement, people would be asking for Condi to resign. Al Sharpton would be demanding that Condi step down and apologize for the remark. There is no doubt in my mind.

What happened here..?? Both people are black..

It’s very simple. This example had less to do about skin color and more to do with politics.

See, nobody wanted to politically attack Chris Rock. So, even if his statement offended people, those offended people wouldn’t get the media airtime. Their voice wouldn’t be heard and it would be slipped under the rug- “Oh.. It’s just Chris Rock. Lighten up..”

However, Condi Rice is a political target. People want to politically attack her. So anyone offended by Rice’s statement WOULD get airtime on TV. Their message would get out.

Let’s try one more…


OK, that was Rosie O’Donnell. She actually said something close to that on The View. Even though Rosie DID offend many Asian people, without the press and airtime by the mainstream media, it all blew away and Rosie was never suspended or threatened with termination.

Let’s see if Rosie O’Donnell’s words would work for someone else..



Do we even need to explain what would happen if Rush Limbaugh made the same comments as Rosie O’Donnel..?? People attack Rush for anything. So, yes, of course. Rush would be attacked for making the same comments as Rosie did.

What happened here..?? Both people are white…

Yes, they are both white. The reason one could make that remark and the other couldn’t is because of politics and the amount of media attention the offended people would receive.

What am I trying to prove here..?? Am I trying to defend Don Imus..??

Hell no.. I don’t even listen to Imus. I think his statement was stupid. I think he needs to retire. The guy is close to 70 years old. “Take a break..”

My point is that this political correctness isn’t always about skin color. It is sometimes about politics.

Yes, a black comedian can say just about anything about anyone. He could make fun of Italians, Jewish, Irish, even other black people.

But a white comedian must be careful. There are lines that he cannot cross. If he does, it will end his career.

However, we should keep in mind the politics behind some of this. People say stupid things all the time. But the people they offend do not always receive the same media attention. That is the politics of it.

So the question is..

Do we really have free speech in America..??

Or is it “selective free speech”..??

Your guess is as good as mine.

Written by Babonie for The Angry Republican

Now, for the people who where easily offended and skipped down to the bottom so you would NOT be offended..

Here is that picture of the cute little “Tickle me Elmo” doll.



Elmo bought the farm.

See, any puppet that giggles that much is hiding some deep- dark emotions. It was just a matter of time.

Sorry kids.