“Oh.. This is just another TV fight. Bill O’Reilly and Rosie O’Donnell..”

This is what the press seems to think about Rosie O’Donnell’s statements on “The View.”

“Who cares what Rosie says..??”

I have heard many liberal reporters claim that statement.

If these reporters would shut the Internet off, walk out of their offices and go out and talk to people, they would find a different opinion out here in the real world.

I do not care if Rosie spouts off factually WRONG statements on national TV. But, give an opposing view equal time.

That’s all many of us are asking- Give equal time..


If the show was called: Political opinions with Rosie O’Donnell (and three other chicks,) then I could understand. Similar to Bill O’Reilly’s “Factor.”

But “The View” was supposed to be a show about the “view” of women. All women. It isn’t showcasing all women’s views right now.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a nice girl and she means well, but she is no match (or equal) on The View. Her claim to fame is that she was in “The Survivor” show. She does the best she can to present a rational conservative opinion. However, Rosie and Joy have been in front of audiences for years. The two of them drown out Elisabeth with their Liberal- “I hate Bush, Rove should be in jail, terrorist’s are OK because they have mommies..”

If Disney changed the name of the show to “Rosie’s political opinions”, I would have no problem with it.

But Barbara Walter’s MISSION STATEMENT was to present a show that features women’s opinions. Today, they are only featuring liberal women’s opinions.

This is the problem that many of us conservatives have with the mainstream media.

Be honest with the public.

If you call yourself- “The NBC Nightly News”, present the news. If you give opinions, give both sides.

If you call the program- “The Rush Limbaugh show”, the public knows they are hearing Rush’s opinion on matters.

What ABC TV, and Disney has done with The View is they have entered the Morton Downey Jr. syndrome.

A show that lacks political truth with counter-weight.

A show that screams at you.


If you are not familiar with Morton Downey Jr. Here is a quick Bio-

Morton was a pioneer in “Loud” political talk shows. Before he came around, most political shows were very refined, dignified. Morton screamed at you. He blew smoke in your face. Told you to “Zip it.” (Shut up.)

Morton Downey Jr. worked in radio at KFBK-AM in Sacramento Ca. This is when he created the extreme right wing persona. (Morton actually worked in the past, for a time, with the Democratic Party. RFK, to be exact.)

His radio show became a success and he headed to New York to start a TV version of the radio show. (Ironically, it was Rush Limbaugh who replaced Morton at KFBK Radio. And we all know what became of Rush.)

Morton’s TV version of the radio show had great success but it was short lived. Only lasting a few years. Without the vast political knowledge of a Rush Limbaugh, Morton was reduced to yelling at his guests. Spouting stories that ended up not being true. Living in conspiracy and gossip.


This is what Rosie O’Donnell brings to the table at The View.

Conspiracy and Gossip.

If Disney, ABC TV, and Barbara Walters are interested in a fair show. Find a wild, Morton Downey Jr. type female to counter Rosie. Then have a calm, rational liberal to counter Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Hell, I would watch that show. Female Morton and Rosie could scream at each other. Then Elisabeth and (whoever) could calmly discuss the facts.



If this was all a gimmick to launch a new “Rosie O’Donnell political talk show…”

What was it PT Barnum once said..??

“You can fool some of the people all the time. You can fool all the people some of the time. But you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.”

So if this is “pre-promotion” for a Rosie political show

I got bad news for you.

Morton Downey Jr, already tried it in 1985. It didn’t work.


                          Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican