I spent the past two days listening to conservative commentators condemn the British for negotiating the release of the 15 hostages.

“Are we getting forgetful..??”

Didn’t, WE, Americans- (More precisely) President Reagan- negotiate for the release of the American hostages in 1980..??

We didn’t attack Iran. We didn’t bomb the shit out of them. We negotiated with them.

I listened to every single liberal and conservative commentator say- “This is a victory for Iran..”

How the HELL do you come to that conclusion..??

The British hostages are free. They are safe. Iran could have held the hostages for 444 days. (Like they held ours.)

This shows how weak Iran really is and how strong the British and Americans are.

OK- Before you call this a spin job, hear me out..

The minute the British hostages were taken, President Ahmadinejad

canceled his UN / American trip and you didn’t see or hear from him. The hostages were being held for days. And yet NO word came from the Iranian President or the Top Mullah’s.

Do you know why..??

They were hiding in a bunker, scared shitless.

After three or four days, the Iranian president came out and began the propaganda. Until that time. Ahmadinejad had know idea what would happen.

“What caused Iran to release the hostages..??”

Because Tony Blair said “the next 48 hours are crucial” and President Bush sent battle groups and an extra air craft carrier to the region.

The game was over for Iran. They had no choice.


Anybody reading this knows what I am about the say is the truth.

America and Britain could bomb Iran from the air for months. The Iranians could say goodbye to electricity, clean water, a place of employment, food, medical supplies, and their nuclear program.

We could do this and never send one soldier across the Iranian border.

This is not a victory for Iran. They had no choice but to release the hostages.

Hey, I know it is discouraging. But, remember how we always say democrats are helping the enemy..??

By saying this is a victory for Iran, we conservatives are now helping the enemy.

Don’t fall victim to this.

A simple fact that everyone in Iran understands. Iran fought Iraq for 8 years and was never able to win the war. America defeated Iraq’s military twice. (Both, in just a few days.)

Radical Islam realizes that they cannot defeat us in a one on one battle. But if they can spread our military over many battlefields, they may have a chance.

“Pat yourselves on the back because we didn’t take the bait..!!”

Iran is no stronger today, then they were 2 months ago.

The clever combatant never is forced into war. The wise opponent chooses where and when the battle will take place.

The present Iranian government will eventually be destroyed. If not by us, it will be from within by it’s own people.

It is just a matter of time.

Back to us Americans.

I listened to talk show host, after host, (I’m not even going to name them because it was dam near all of them) they called the British weak, “a shadow of the old England..”

One conservative even asked “what Winston Churchill would have done?”

I can’t tell you what Mr. Churchill would have done. But I can tell you what he wouldn’t have done..

He wouldn’t have called America WEAK because we didn’t get involved in WW2 for awhile.

He didn’t burn bridges because he was a wise man.

Britain has been our closest allie. They have given us the most support. It is shameful to refer to them as weak. And it is wrong.

I’m sorry folks. This whole thing has just made me sick.

Iran did not win. They won nothing. The hostages are free and safely back home. This is no time to be starting a feud with our closest allie because they did what they could to save 15 people from being held hostage.

We did the same thing in 1980. And it was our beloved President Reagan.