Iran still claims British sailors were in Iranian water.

As far as I know, Iran has not declared war on the British. The British have not declared war on Iran. But Iran is holding war hostages. So the only reason to hold these sailors is-

It is against the law to be in a boat, and be near Iran. (Especially if you are British.)

You can take pictures of Iran. You could maybe even talk about Iran. But do not get into a boat and go near Iran. This is extremely against the law. (Funny, I don’t recall many other people being arrested for being in a boat, and being close to Iran.)

All of this has caused Iranians to start looking up into the sky with concern..

US warplanes have violated Iranian airspace

This is a claim that Iran now has. That US jet fighters are crossing into Iranian airspace.

Let me see if I have this correctly- Iran takes hostages. Iran ISN’T at war, so the only reason for taking the hostages is that you cannot be in a boat and be close to Iranian water. NOW they are concerned that warplanes are flying near by?

Gee, go figure!!

Now Iranians are looking up into the sky and wondering what will happen.

I remember what that was like. Looking up in the sky and wondering what will happen next. Many Americans do.

On September 11, 2001, at 11 am- I was in Pittsburgh. I was looking up into the sky, wondering how many more planes would smash into buildings or into the ground near Pittsburgh, killing Americans.

On September 11, 2001, members of radical Islam came to America and bitch slapped us. They killed our brothers and sisters. What we needed right then was a bulldog. A “presidential bastard” who was willing to bend a few rules and smash the enemy.

Today, radical Islam is looking into the sky. Wondering how many more American planes will bomb the hell out of their way of life.

Terrorists destroyed two of our buildings and killed thousands of our people. America has destroyed two of Radical Islam’s countries and killed thousands of their people.

Sooner or later, radical Islam will realize; a war with America isn’t worth it. We are mean bastards when we are angry.

I am tired of the wars. And I am hopeful Radical Islam will soon learn that violence just creates more violence and Islam should give peace a chance.

Iran has an opportunity right now to give peace a chance. Free the British hostages. Iran should tell the world that they want nuclear power. And they are willing to talk about.

Then we can sit down and talk about it.

Today, radical Islam is looking up into the sky and wondering what will happen next.

I no longer look up into the sky with fear.

That day was a long time ago.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican