Some people have a conscience, and some people do not.

Or could it be that these people are stupid..?? But how could these people climb so high on the economic ladder and be stupid..?? Don’t you have to be SMART, to be rich..??

Or do these people think WE are stupid and we will not look at their actions. We will just believe what they say.

In my special (super secret) computer folder, I have a bunch of celebrity news stories piling up. They are all intertwined in some way. Stories about Rosie O’Donnell, Snoop Dog, John Travolta, Charlie Sheen, (and we will stick Al Gore in there.)

But first, I wanted to explain what I mean about a conscience. When Tony Snow found out his cancer had returned, in that same week, the liberal web sites- “Daily Kos” and “Crooks and Liars” both- were insulting Tony Snow. C & R commented that it was nice to see a new presidential speaker, instead of “Snowjob.” “Kos” had a blogger on that was down right nasty. Saying something like- “When Tony Snow tells that many lies, of course cancer will grow in his body.”

I just couldn’t believe people are that heartless.


I was making fun of John Edwards. I was poking fun at his “manly-ness.” But the minute I heard that his wife’s cancer had returned, I quit making fun of Edwards.

But some of the liberal web sites have no problem making fun of a sick man.

Liberals are the ones who are supposed to care about people..?? Right..?? Conservatives are the NASTY people..?? Right..??

Do these people have no conscience? Are they stupid? Or do they think we are stupid and we will not look beyond what they say?

I have to start out with John Travolta.

Mr. Travolta has now joined the cast of celebrities who are lecturing us “little people” to help out with global warming. We should cut down our carbon output to help save the earth.

Travolta said: “It [global warming] is a very valid issue, I’m wondering if we need to think about other planets and dome cities. Everyone can do their bit. But I don’t know if it’s not too late already. We have to think about alternative methods of fuel..”

But when you look at John’s house, you have to say- “John, what the hell are you talking about..??”

By looking at John Travolta’s house, you can see that Travolta doesn’t follow is own advice.

Folk’s, do you see any solar panels on John’s roof..?? They would be easy to spot. They are black. Usually angled towards the sun. I’m not seeing any. Why don’t you, the reader, have a look.

OK, no solar panels. Dam, solar panels would provide great carbon free electricity for the Travolta household. How about skylights? His house should be full of skylights so he doesn’t have to burn electric lighting. I see one skylight and it isn’t direct.

How about windmills? John has a lot of land there. Windmills would provide lots of carbon free electricity for John. I don’t see any windmills.

Wait a minute..

Is that a four engine jet sitting in Mr. Travolta’s driveway. There are two jets in this photo..?? “Those big beasts have to burn a lot of fuel..?? Wouldn’t those jets pour carbon into the fragile atmosphere?”

(John Travolta has five personal jets and burns about 100 times more fuel then you or I would in a year.)

So which is it..??

Does John Travolta have no conscience? Is he stupid? Or does he think we will not look at his actions and how he lives?

You can stick Al Gore in at this point. Gore does about the same thing. He lectures us about conserving. He buys carbon off-sets. (From himself) And then Al Gore burns more fuel then you or I will in a lifetime.

Why don’t these people lecture China and Mexico? Both countries do not have great environmental laws. Why doesn’t Gore and Travolta lecture the Hollywood liberals? Let’s face it- If I turned every light on in my house, left my vehicle running in the driveway. Turned up the heat in my house and opened every door and window, I still couldn’t burn as much fuel as these people do in a day. “Why are you lecturing me..??”

Let’s move from Bad- to – Worse…

Rosie O’Donnell

Do you remember when Rosie O’Donnell was mad because Donald Trump gave his opinion on Miss America’s little drug and sex adventure?

Rosie said this- “Who made Trump the moral authority on teenage girls..??”

So Rosie O’Donnell feels Trump shouldn’t have an opinion on this matter. (Even though Trump OWNS the show in question.)

Rosie was also mad at Kelly Rippa for, (what Rosie claimed was “gay bashing”). Ms. O’Donnell feels you should be VERY CAREFUL how you talk about gay people.

Rosie is very sensitive about the feelings of teenage girls and gay people. You must be very careful of what you say. “You could hurt someone.”


Rosie feels it’s OK to say whatever you want about America. Go ahead and bash America. Say whatever you want. But just don’t give an opinion on teenage girls or lesbians.

Doesn’t there come a time when you have to ask yourself- “We are at war. We are in a war. Am I helping America, or hurting America with what I say..??”

How can you claim that the British sailors ALLOWED themselves to be captured to start a war?

Rosie says: “The Gulf of Tonkin. Google it..” I do not have to Rosie, I learned about it many years ago. Why would 40 year old propaganda prove modern propaganda..?? That makes no sense. There were plenty of sailors who believe they saw a North Vietnamese gunboat fire on the USS Maddox (DD-731). Besides, there was a big investigation and a hearing on the issue. The case was solved. (Google that, Rosie.)

You can add Charlie Sheen into the mix now, as both Sheen and O’Donnell believe 9/11 was an “inside job.”

If you are that paranoid about the American government, maybe you should move away from America. Why would you want to live here if you believe the justice system can rig elections like the 2000 election? US Justice can cover up the Gulf of Tonkin. The US Government can blow up American people in the World Trade Towers, just to destroy tax records.

If you believe this stuff, you better run like hell out of America.

You better leave today. America could be plotting to GET YOU. You better leave now.

I really hate to add this last story, but it brings my editorial right back to the beginning.

Snoop Dogg is shocked that Britain denied him a Visa. Snoop and fellow performer Sean “P” puffer P Diddy-daddy “P” Combs were doing shows and interviews in Europe, but had to stop because Snoop cannot get in to Britain.

Snoop said: “I was shocked by the decision but am optimistic that the British authorities will soon realize my global efforts to promote peace..”

To promote peace..??

Snoop.. Dude. The last time you were there, the British police had to break up a brawl between your group and airport security. You guys were pissed off (about something) and started fights in the airport.

So Snoop says today he is on a mission of peace. But his past actions suggest something else.

Getting busted with guns and drugs. Those things are Visa killers. They come back to haunt you. “Ain’t nothing but a G thang, baby.”

Snoop, you have to prove you have changed. You cannot just say you have changed.

So here is a collection of people who say one thing, but live their lives another way.

John Travolta wants you to conserve fuel. But he packs his jet with friends and they fly to Paris for dinner.

Rosie O’Donnell wants you to be careful what you say about gay people. You could hurt someone. But she has no problem hurting me by condemning America.

Snoop Dogg wants to go to England to promote peace, but last year he started a fight in the airport.

Do these people have no conscience? Are they stupid? Or do they think we are stupid and we will not look beyond what they say?