I really believed Iran would only hold the British soldiers for a couple days, (like they did in 2004) then release them and call it a “misunderstanding.”

That is not happening.


In fact, it is taking a dangerous turn. Iran had said they “might” release the female soldier if all the soldiers admitted they entered Iranian water. In a second letter released from the British hostages, British servicewoman Faye Turney almost admits just that. But now the Iranians have said “no deal.” Iran wants Britain to leave the Iraq war, admit that the soldiers were in Iran’s water and then maybe they will release the hostages.


Tony Blair seems to be holding his ground here. If the hostages are released soon, it will be look at as a misunderstanding. But Britain will not give in to demands.

US forces are massing near the Iran border. The US Navy has so many ships parked near Iran, you would have to go back to the invasion of Iraq to find that many US Navy ships in one region.

As I write this, I’m listening to Bill O’Reilly give a whole segment to the topic of Rosie O’Donnell. Rosie believes the British Soldiers ALLOWED themselves to be captured to help start a war with Iran. Ms. O’Donnell believes we will be at war with Iran by summer.

“I certainly hope not, Rosie. Half of this country just doesn’t have the “will” to fight another war. Half measures will not defeat this enemy.”

(Rosie blames America and Britain for this conflict.) I believe her exact words were: “Don’t fear the terrorists, they have moms and dads too..” (Aaahh, didn’t Hitler also have a mom and a dad..??)

When this hostage taking started, I believed Iran was just flexing its muscles. Testing our limits. (They still could be doing that.) But you have to ask: “Why are they trying to provoke a war..??”

Who would it benefit..??

The left would claim republicans gain from the wars. This I do not understand because President Bush’s poll numbers are low and republicans are losing control of the government. All because we believe fighting radical Islam is important. It should be clear to everyone reading this- Republicans are NOT gaining ground politically by being in these wars.

Some people say Russia and Iran gain from the threat of war because oil prices rise. (Which gas prices are rising right now.) Both Russia and Iran sell oil. But there are other ways to raise the price of oil. By just slowing production can give the same results. “Why provoke a war..??

Some people will blame oil companies. Because oil companies cause every bad thing in this world. (If oil companies had the power that some people claim, Alaska would be chuck full of oil rigs.)

There are those who believe that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Iranian Mullahs’ believe Allah will return to earth if they can just start a war between the infidels.


Maybe they do believe Allah will return if they provoke WW3. But Iran has been involved in many conflicts and Allah didn’t return then. I got to wonder if the Iranian mullahs’ are that spaced out to believe you could force the return of a Prophet.

In my opinion, the enemies of America believe we are weak and will not fight in another war. Iran is trying to show how powerful they are.

(Maybe they are watching the mainstream media and listening to the democrats..??)

I believe it is that simple. An Iranian show of force because they are confident we will do nothing in return. “Standing up to The West to show the Iranian neighbors how tough Iran is.”

But this misguided, egotistical show of force is doing nothing for the people of Iran. They are no better off than before Ahmadinejad was elected. In fact, with inflation and a lack of farm goods, the Iranians are much worse off. With a pending UN embargo, life will get even harder for the average Iranian.

In a comment to Edward (apoliticalnut) I mentioned that the world is experiencing a “Chamberlain” moment. Far too many people believe if we just leave the Middle East, everything will be OK.

I just can’t help but see a coming storm. An immense oil embargo against the West. Russia, The Middle East, and Hugo- all stop the sale of oil to America and collapse the US economy.

Or a massive war.

I have to ask again, why would Iran try and provoke a war..??


Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican