(Well, maybe not that tough…)


(Sky News)

Fifteen British sailors and Marines are being held by Iranian forces. They were taking part in a routine operation boarding merchant ships in Iraqi territorial waters when they were seized by Iranian naval vessels. The sailors and Marines had completed a successful inspection of one ship when the group and their two boats were surrounded. They were then escorted by Iranian vessels into its territorial waters.” (Sky News)

I believe this has happened before. The Iranians hold the soldiers for a few days then release them. It is Iran’s way of saying they are tough and they are not going to take any crap.

But if they are so tough, why would Ahmadinejad cancel his American visit..??


Currently, (as I write this) Iranian News hasn’t even confirmed that British soldiers HAVE been captured by Iran. Also, “Mohammed Ali Hosseini, the spokesman for Iran, told Iranian state television that the trip was scrapped because of ‘America’s obstruction in issuing visas’ to the Iranian delegation that was to travel to New York.”

More lies from the Iranians. The visas were ready on Friday. Plenty of time for the Iranian president to make his trip. The US State department had OK’ed the visas last week. It was big news.

What was probably going through President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad mind and the reason he canceled this American trip was- “I could be captured and held by the British or Americans.”

This is something that America and the British wouldn’t do. But Ahmadinejad doesn’t know this.

More and more, these inciters of “Jihad” prove that they are not willing to do the tough work.

They talk tough, but they run like children.


Al Sadr runs like hell from Iraq when things get tough. Osama is hiding in a cave, (somewhere). Now, Ahmadinejad is afraid to set foot in America.

I believe this also proves that they know that they are doing wrong. If Ahmadinejad knew he had good intentions, he wouldn’t be afraid to be in America. (He has been here before.)


I am hopeful that the 15 British soldiers will be released soon. This act will not scare away the British or Americans, it will in fact, piss us off.

Ahmadinejad knows this. That is why he is afraid to venture outside of Iran right now.

“I see your true colors, shinning through..”

Iranian President Ahmadinejad and Britney Spears. During happier times.